• My Happy List #1 •

• My Happy List #1 •

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I love making lists in general, but I’m currently working on one that is making me particularly smiley: I’m working on my happy list!


Sometimes it hits me,  just out of nowhere I get this overwhelming feeling of sadness without any apparent reason.  And to be honest it happens more often than I’d like to admit. Maybe its something we all deal with but just hardly talk about openly or maybe its just me. Either way, these days where I feel kind of “blue” turn out so unproductive and sad, leaving me feeling even more miserable because I get frustrated with myself. Well, you can see how this downward spiral leads to nowhere :/ Anyways, in an attempt to put things into perspective I decided to start making a list of things that make me happy so I have something to look at when I need a little mood-boost.

I know its just a small step but I truly believe that a positive mind leads to a positive lifestyle, and life is just too beautiful to get stuck focussing on the negative, right? So without further ado, here are the first ten things that came to mind:


1| The smell of coffee in the morning

2| Waking up before the alarm goes off

3| Airports

4| Handwritten notes

5| Going through old pictures

6| Cuddles

7| Candles (especially scented ones)

8| Hot showers

9| Smell of fresh laundry

10| Falling in love with new music


What are the things that bring a smile to your face? Do you have a “Happy-List” too? Feel free to share in the comments, I’d love to read them :)



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  • https://justaprimer.wordpress.com Abigail

    I love your list!!! I would just have to replace #1 with “making tea in the morning”.

    • http://www.thetwentiesguide.com Yara Miora

      Ah thank you so much Abigail! I have to admit that I am both a coffee and a tea fanatic so I can understand haha :) <3

  • Chelsey

    Hey Yara- ?
    My happy list:

    1) Interacting with dogs ?
    2) Harvest Moon (a farming video game) ?
    3) Spending time with a group of close friends ?
    4) Ethnic food (anything-Greek, Spanish, Indian, Mexican, Italian, French, German, etc. ?)
    5) Looking and feeling beautiful (having my hair, makeup, nails and wardrobe looking awesome, and wearing nice jewelry is always so satisfying, too ?)
    6) Exploring in nature ?
    7) Spending time with my fiance while things are peaceful ?
    8) Accomplishing hard tasks that matter to me (like in my academics) ?
    9) Bodies of water ?
    10) Belly dancing ?