Currently I Am… |May 15

Currently I Am… |May 15

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I like to start off every new month with a little personal update, something fun to look back on later and see what was on my mind. So here we go. Currently I am..
SO excited about finally sharing the new website! (and on that note ->)


… hoping you guys are liking it so far


… falling madly in love with James Bay’s music (how did I miss this before?)


… happy that I finally finished all episodes of Gossip Girl, thank you Netflix!


… reading ‘The Help’ & I’m enjoying it so much that I don’t want to read it too quickly


… getting impatient for warm sunny days, its may already and I’m not leaving the house without a scarf, something is wrong with this picture right?


… trying to nail down travel plans for the summer, but that Sziget lineup sure is looking good, should I go again?


… looking for some great iced coffee recipes, so feel free to share any that you like!


… wishing I was in NYC, those spring in New York pictures filled with blossoms are driving me crazy


… craving Milk Duds, too bad they don’t have those here



Now tell me about you, what are you guys up to?



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  • missgetaway

    Oh I’m madly in love with James Bay, “Best Fake Smile” is my favorite on his new album.

    And I really like the new website but I’ve already said that^^

    Have a great day,

    Love from Austria, Kerstin

    • Yara Miora

      Believe it or not I JUST found out about him on spotify! Thank you so much sweetheart, it really makes me happy to hear :) Have a lovely day! xx