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Random Rambles | On Doubts

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I use Pinterest as my “organized place of inspiration”. Wether I’m looking for a recipe, a nice DIY or the next place to put on my travel bucket list. More often than not I find myself saving quotes and words of wisdom that strike a chord with me and my Board “Words to Live By” is definitely one I re-visit the most. While I was scrolling through it this morning (feeling slightly defeated and sad) I stumbled upon these words:


“Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will”

I don’t know about you, but it really got me thinking. I’m a big dreamer, always have been. I like things that seem impossible and dream of adventures like there is no tomorrow. But there’s this other side of me, which unfortunately dominates most of the time. Its that side of me who overthinks every single decision to an obnoxious point. The side that makes you walk on the safe, planned, obvious track even though you were actually dreaming of a hike off the map. Its the side that keeps me from dancing freely in front of other people, worried that I might look like fool. Or show people things I make or write, because “its not perfect”. Its the side that tells me its crazy to not to go to grad school right away because don’t I want job security? Don’t I want to grab that chance that others only dream of?

Well. To be honest, no. Not yet at least. Is that so bad? Is it so wrong to want different things from life? I’m slowly starting to understand that it really isn’t. So I’ve declared a war, a war agains my doubts, not all doubts, because doubts surely keep you grounded and prepared, but against all those other doubts that keep me up at night. The doubts that keep me from doing what I love, its time to say goodbye to those!

Anyone here dealing with the same thing? Or are you the master of killing doubts and willing to share some tips & tricks? I’d love to read them cause I’m sure I’m going to need them ;)



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  • Evelien –

    Hi Yara, did you read my mind?! I could have written this :-) Have you found any tips?