My Happy List #2

My Happy List #2

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A little while ago I posted My Happy List #1 and I have to say that reading my list and coming up with new things to put on it really does bring a smile to my face and I hope it does to yours as well! So here is part two of My Happy List:


11| Good conversations with my mom – cause no one gives advise like a mamma does.

12| The sound of the rain – One of most calming and cozy sound in the world

13| Micheal Bublé’s Christmas Album – I know, I know its WAY too early for Christmas music and its not like I’m listening to it right now but this album is my guilty pleasure and I will admit that sometimes, when no one is around, and I’m in a funk, I’ll even listen to it in the middle of the summer.. does anyone else do that too? No? Just me? Okay.. never mind, forget I said that.

14| Movie-marathons – PJs, Hot Chocolate & Popcorn, need I say more?

15| Tea – I am probably the biggest tea horder you’ll meet.

16| Sleep-overs – Especially the ones you end up not sleeping at.

17| Walking through a pile of leaves – And preferable throw some around too.

18| Latte-art – As a barista, seeing someone smile and appreciate the coffee you make them is the best thing. And in return I love it when my coffee comes with a little heart or flower, I really like that extra bit of effort and attention to the product.

19| Quotes – which also happens to be one of my favorite Pinterest boards!

20| Ballet – Because what is more elegant and fierce at the same time?

What brings a smile to your face? And do you have a “Happy-List” too? Feel free to share in the comments, I’d love to read them :)



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  • Sally Sargeant Hu

    Oh you think you are the biggest tea hoarder? Yeah, you wish :)

    • Yara Miora

      Now that you are in the states I have the feeling I am conquering your position as tea-queen Sal ;) <3

  • Koen

    15| Tea – I am probably the biggest tea horder you’ll meet. (altough I will only drink 80% of my cup every single time!)

    • Yara Miora

      Thats not true!! (Probably 95%.. at least haha) <3