Postcards From | London pt. 3

Postcards From | London pt. 3

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London granted me one single sunny day during the whole week I was there. I decided to make most of it so I headed out with my camera and walked through the city as much as I could. Here are some of the results of that day:
walk along hyde park

tree tops hyde park

gazebo hyde park

pink flower in hyde park

statue london

arc london hyde park

details arc london

architectural details

buckingham palace london

buckingham palace

guards at buckingham

big ben street view

big ben london

architecture of westminster abbey

street view of london


It was really great to have a day to myself and just feel free to go where I wanted to go and at my own pace (read: stop at every single thing that caught my eye and take a gazillion pictures without feeling guilty). I walked through Hyde park, all the way down to Buckingham Palace, which was crowded with tourists and their selfie-sticks haha! Its odd what walking around with a camera can do to you. At first I started noticing flowers more, I think 75% of my pictures is of flowers. And now I have this new found love for architecture and statues, there’s something about marble that just screams for a picture. After all that I walked through green park and hit some of the true London-hotspots like Big Ben and Westminster Abbey until the sun finally set and my feet were killing me.
It might seem odd but seeing these landmarks made me feel an odd kind of nostalgia and I think its because of that part in The Parent Trap (1998) where Hayley (Lindsey Lohan) goes to London for the first time to meet her mom again and we see her drive by all these iconic places. I have seen that film about a hundred times, not exaggerating!, and I think that maybe seeing them in real life brought back memories of seeing that movie as a kid, wishing I was one of the twins myself. And how about that gazebo in Hyde Park? Almost as cute as the one in Stars Hollow, right? Now enough of that, back to current day London.
I was definitely not the only one enjoying the sunny day, it seemed like every single person could not believe the weather was finally brightening up. The atmosphere was great, like the city was buzzing. I think thats the best part of sunny days, people just seem so much happier and friendlier, its the best feeling. I was having a great time in London already but this day made me fall in love with the city all the more!


I’m allllllmost done with the London pictures, just one more post to go! Have you ever been to London?


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  • Sherilynn

    Wauw wat is London toch een prachtige stad! Mooie foto’s!

    • Yara Miora

      Ik ben het helemaal met je eens Sherilynn, echt een mooie stad! Bedankt voor het lezen en je lieve berichtje :) <3

  • Ursula Ball

    Thank you for sharing your London adventures with us!! Love the flowers and buildings!! London is definitely on my bucket list!!

    Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty

    • Yara Miora

      Thank you for reading my London adventures Ursula! I love sharing posts on here so much I really hope you’ll get to tick London off of your bucket list some day son :) <3

  • Julia Haase

    London has got a piece of my heart. The year of living and studying there went by in the blink of an eye. I love the city; there’s always something new to discover. Can’t get tired of London. ;) xx

    • Yara Miora

      I can’t imagine how great it must be to live there for a year, but I totally get that you’d lose a part of your heart there, such a great city! Thanks for following along dear! :) <3