Currently I am.. |June ’15

Currently I am.. |June ’15

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Just like I did in in this post in May, I like to start off the new month with a little update, just something short and sweet to look back to in a couple of months, years or maybe decades (and probably laugh at!). So here we go, currently I am…


… having trouble believing how fast time is flying by. I graduated a year ago, started backpacking through Europe more than four months ago and I’ve been blogging here for exactly one month today! How crazy is that?


… drinking a ridiculous amount of tea because believe it or not, the weather over here is more like autumn. But..


… excited because next week is supposed to be the first good weather week, now lets just cross our fingers and hope its true!


… craving watermelon every single day.


… happy with my new job at Hollister, my colleagues are fun, it smells great and I get a discount. Sounds good right?


… feeling bad because I cheated on the deal I made with my mom. We decided to eat clean for a month, nothing processed or with added sugars, just the healthy stuff. But I just had an ice-cream after work.. oops.


… having severe flashes of Wanderlust. I want to get out and travel so badly, but my heart has to be a bit more patient and browsing through Pinterest has to suffice for now.


… looking for a bikini or swimsuit that I’m actually comfortable in that also looks good. Its seems like mission impossible but since I’m not going anywhere, the situation isn’t that dire. However if you’ve found some great ones please do share  =)


… Almost done with reading The Help, so I can finally start reading New York by Edward Rutherfurd. I can’t tell you how excited I am to read this book, have you read it?


… getting slightly nervous for the annual dance recital of the dance school I go to. Its a bit silly because I’ve done it many times before but its been four years since I was on stage and I’m starting to get butterflies. But the good kind though, I love theaters and I secretly can’t wait!


… super excited that one of my avocado pits actually started sprouting after months! Its so strange cause now that the roots finally started to show they are growing crazy fast. (Yes I’m one of those people who gets excited about plants.. my mom doesn’t get it either no worries you’re not the only one). I wonder how many years it would take before the first avocado would actually grow?


… wishing you all a great month and if you still have final exams and such I wish you a ton of good luck!



Now tell me about you, what are you guys up to?


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