Postcards From | Dublin

Postcards From | Dublin

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I had never been to Ireland before and didn’t quite know what to expect from Dublin. It was the first city in which I really didn’t know a soul and with about 30 hours to spend, I did my best to explore as much as I could.


College dublin

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Univeristy Campus Dublin

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Dublin Univeristy

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dublin architecture


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Dublin museum

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London -> Dublin was an easy breezy flight and I was pretty excited about being completely solo in this city. I made my way to the hostel way past midnight feeling confident and grown-up (which clearly is a sign of not being that grown up after all haha).  It was here that I faced my first hiccup of the journey, the reception was closed and I couldn’t reach the phone number that was given in case of emergency. I walked around the pitch black hostel hoping to find anyone who could help me. I found two girls who weren’t in the slightest prepared to talk to me let alone help me, a couple who actually wanted to help but couldn’t speak a word of english and after an hour I started to panic; where was I supposed to sleep? By 2AM I was so tired that I decided to go into the breakfast area and try to crash in a chair. I opened the door and was welcomed by two eyes and a loud scream.


After the initial shock, the Canadian young man (who was the source of the scream) and I had a little chat and got to know each other a bit before I almost begged him to check if the room he was staying it still had a free bed. Luckily there was, and after a very short night it was time to finally go exploring Dublin. I voted against public transportation and walked everywhere my feet could cary me. I went to the history museum, the art museum, Trinity college (which wasn’t as impressive after visiting Oxford to be honest), the public library and everywhere in between while getting a bit lost in the city. By the time the sun had set I was beyond exhausted and to treat myself a bit I had sushi for dinner. There’s something odd about going to a restaurant all by yourself. I’d never done it before, and I felt quite uncomfortable to be honest. On the one hand you feel a bit awkward because you’re so aware of everything you do, and the speed you’re eating at (whoops) but on the other hand its the best way to enjoy some people watching. Very old couples, friends catching up with each other and even some people who obviously just started dating. Goodness I love real life stories. In line with doing things on my own for the first time and loving real life stories I went to see “The Theory of Everything (2014)”. Before I start rambling, I’ll just say that its a lovely film, Eddie Redmayne truly blew me away so go see it if you haven’t yet! After all those impressions and experiences I was completely beat and I couldn’t get to my bed fast enough, because on the planing for the next morning was the journey to Germany.


Dublin is such a beautiful city and since no city can be visited in one day I missed more than I actually got to see, but I can already tell you that the vibe of the city was great. Regardless of the cold the city as buzzing and people were friendly and helpful. I’m glad I got cross Dublin off of my bucket list but I do want to go back one day, explore more and make my way through Ireland’s beautiful nature. It seems like the more I see the more there is to see, which is great for my wanderlust but not so great for my savings. See you next time Dublin!



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  • Sally Sargeant Hu

    I L L L Love that turquoise front door!! One day I shall have a beautiful house with a front door that color!

  • Hannah @

    I loved Dublin! Good staying positive and problem solving on the reception problem, sounds very grown up to me! :)

    • Yara Miora

      Ah thank you so much for reading and commenting Hannah! Haha thanks!! I think the situation worked out super fine in the end but it was a stressful first experience. can’t wait to get back to Dublin and explore more :) <3

      Ps. I love your blog, this comment made me all kinds of excited!

  • Evelien –

    I love the way you described the 30 hours in Dublin. I feels like I was there too and it inspires me to explore more cities.

    • Yara Miora

      Yes!!! short but sweet and so worth it! And you know what, you can do it on a shoe string budget :)