Currently I am.. | July ’15

Currently I am.. | July ’15

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I can’t believe its been almost a month since I posted something on here and to be honest I quite missed this place. It wasn’t really a planned social media break, but I sure did need it! So now that I’m back in full swing lets catch up, shall we?


Currently I am..

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… recovering from a second weekend in the theatre with my dance school. The first time I set foot on that stage must have been about 15 years ago and its so strange to be back after four years. I was shaking all the time from all the adrenaline but man it was fun!


… officially starting my third week as a Manager in Training! I’m still a bit surprised by the path that life is taking at the moment, honestly if you would have told me last year that I’d be doing a management traineeship right now I’d have laughed in your face, but so far I’m loving the challenge.


… trying to manage a full time job, lots of dance classes, a social life and this blog. Lets just say I need some practice at juggling all of this but hopefully we’ll get there soon ;)


… LOVING the heatwave that has finally hit us over here in The Netherlands! No more jackets, no more scarves, just sunshine and smiles all over.


… a little jealous of all the 4th of July pictures that are popping up every where. Celebrating the 4th in the states is definitely going on my Bucketlist thanks to Sally, lets make this happen!


… living on watermelons.


… just kidding, living on every single thing I can get my hands on and a crazy amount of coffee.


… craving gin-tonics, and I’m blaming it on Pinterest cause man there are some nice recipes on there and I want to try them all.


… Reading ‘New York by Edward Rutherford’ and loving it so far, you can find it here!


… making a new travel bucket-list and its got me all excited, but more on that soon.



Now tell me guys, what are you all up to? Any exciting summer plans?