The Coffee Hunter | Koffie & Zo, Delft

The Coffee Hunter | Koffie & Zo, Delft

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In the cute little town of Delft I stumbled upon a treasure chest.. quite literally!Koffie & Zo Delft


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Delft is one of those unique & cozy little cities in the Netherlands with not just great architecture but also atmosphere. Quite some of my friends go to University there and a couple of weeks ago I made my way over there for the birthday of one of my closest friends from high school. I was a little early so I just wandered around in the streets when I stumbled upon one of my favorite things to stumble upon: a great coffee place!


The Atmosphere:

It all started with an adventure (like most good stories do), to be exact an adventure to Australia. Katja (the owner) and her friends traveled down under and fell in love with the coffee culture. When she came home from her trip she desperately wanted to have her own little cafe, some dreaming, planning and hard work later, Koffie & Zo opened its doors. The place used to be a butcher shop for years and years and after some decades as being used as an office the lovely lady who owns the coffee place right now restored a lot of the features of the old butcher shop, like the floors and the ceiling. Walking in to the cafe feels more like walking into a vintage garage sale and guess what? It kind of is. Every single item in the store can be bought. So one moment you could be relaxing in a nice comfy chair, and the next you could be walking home with that exact chair. there’s lots of other things to buy as well like bags and candles and signs to decorate your house with. Most of the items support good causes or small entrepreneurs, because what’s better than helping each other out? Its a nice concept, a little bit hipster? Yes, but I love it!


The Coffee:

But of course I wasn’t there for furniture, but for my dose of black gold, a nice cup of coffee. I immediately noticed that they use the same beans as the cafe I used to work at uses from Single Estate. Its definitely one of my favorites but maybe I’m biased cause these beans quite literally got me through college! Taste is perfect, rich, strong and unique.


Perfect For:

Absolutely perfect for a catch up date with your best friends but if you’re in a hurry to enjoy more of beautiful Delft I’d even recommend to just take it away.


Peperstraat 17, Delft

You can find their Facebook Page here.


If you have any favourite coffee places I should check out (It really doesn’t matter where in the world you are because, I hope to get everywhere one day ;) ) please do let me know in the comments section!



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  • Koen

    Looks like such a cool place!

    • Yara Miora

      Really is Koen! I’m sure you’ll love it too :)

  • Monic


    Simply Sutter

    • Yara Miora

      Thanks Monic, it really is! :) <3