Currently I am.. | August ’15

Currently I am.. | August ’15

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Currently I am..

… beginning to become a morning person. I KNOW! I can hardly believe it myself its quite a big deal to me :) Early mornings = more productive days, so I’m trying to keep it up!


… Reading this great book ‘The Organized Mind’ by Daniel J. Levitin and even though I haven’t gotten very far yet, I’m loving it! Its so insightful and interesting, I think I should write a whole post about it when I’m done!



… Drinking so much coffee at work that 1. I’m becoming more addicted than I already was and 2. its making me appreciate it less so I’m thinking about switching to tea for a bit. Or at least try to switch, because who am I kidding? ;)



… In this weird place where my future plans change every other day. I love that the whole world is open and ahead of me but its kinda stressful too.



… Trying to find my “zen” again to relieve the above mentioned stress. I think I need to schedule in some yoga every day. What helps you empty your mind? I could use some tips!



… On top of my breakfast game (check out my Instagram for proof haha) I mean I’ve been experimenting with breakfasts for a while now and lately they’re turning out so nice (if I may say so myself) that breakfast might just not be my least favorite meal of the day anymore! Woohoo!



… Actually saving money for my next adventure. Dreaming about traveling and pretend-planning is nice and all but I love taking these first steps towards actually going! I’m so excited you have no idea :)



… Craving burrito bowls from Chipotle for some very odd reason. I blame this on you Caroline! ;)



… Making an extra effort to get to know this city I’m living in and all the great things it has to offer! Who says you have to travel far to have adventures?



… Listening to Ziggy Alberts A.LOT. He’s coming to The Netherlands in September and its been a while since I went to a music performance so I might just get some tickets.



Now tell me guys, what are you all up to? Any exciting summer plans?





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