The Coffee Hunter | Maurice Coffee & Knits, Antwerp

The Coffee Hunter | Maurice Coffee & Knits, Antwerp

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A couple of weeks ago I had to make a short trip to Antwerp for a job interview. By the time I got back into the city center of Antwerp my caffeine buzz from the morning had warn off and I felt like I deserved a little treat to de-stress. Before I could even do some proper research I already stumbled upon a sign that lead me to this slightly hidden gem of a coffee place: Maurice Coffee & Knits.


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The Atmosphere:

This first thing I thought was “wow, it is so big!” yet it feels super cozy. The space is divided into smaller corners all with a bit of a different unique vibe. There were people working on their laptops, small groups chatting over coffee and some people who were obviously on a date. Being surrounded by lots of yarn and fresh flowers I was only sad to have forgotten to bring a book.



The Coffee:

The selection of coffees (and the way they named them) made it super hard to pick one but I landed on the latte with coconut milk because I’m having a thing for anything and everything coconut hihi. It came in a huge cup, totally worth the money and tasted great! Besides coffee they have a lovely healthy menu which deserves a browse as well.



Perfect For:

I can’t really pin down what this place is perfect for as I think its great for anything. A date, a study session, a rainy afternoon with your favorite book, a meet-up with your best friends & a quick break from shopping, it suits all!



Schoenmarkt 35, Antwerp

You can find their website here!



If you have any favourite coffee places I should check out (It really doesn’t matter where in the world you are because, I hope to get everywhere one day ;) ) please do let me know in the comments section!



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