The Coffee Hunter | The Tea Lab, Rotterdam

The Coffee Hunter | The Tea Lab, Rotterdam

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Who drinks coffee at a place called the tea lab? ME! (but no worries I didn’t pass on the tea either ;). 


I think I’ve already mentioned wanting to get to know Rotterdam better, because its quite embarrassing how little I know about the city I’ve lived in most of my life. The city has been developing a lot over the last years and great spots for food, coffee and entertainment seem to pop up everywhere! Sabrina (who is currently being adventurous in Canada) and I met up at The Tea Lab this time to catch up. Its no secret that besides my love for coffee I drink tea like my life depends on it.. (maybe it even does a bit) so a place called The Tea Lab was a must try!


I had the summer salad because I love anything that comes with pomegranate seeds and avocado.

Beautiful Sabrina

Secretly love this grandma corner so much!

I wasn’t kidding about the tea!

Not one to be photographed as you can see.. I just move too much x)



The Atmosphere:

High ceiling, rows and rows of jars filled with tea leaves, mixed furniture and cakes on display, I don’t have a thing to complain about. Tea Lab is right in the middle of the city centre of Rotterdam and it has something for everyone; a big table to work on, a comfortable couch to spend the afternoon with your friends on, a hidden corner and a bar at the window so you can people watch your heart out.


The Coffee:

Like lots of places in the city they serve Giraffe Coffee which I like, and not just because I like giraffes, I promise ;). So the coffee is good but I think I prefer the tea here..


Perfect For:

I’ve never seen such a big range of choices when it comes to tea and I loved it (even if it took me forever to pick one.. choices still aren’t my forté I guess) they really do their name justice. As you can see we tried a bit of everything from the menu, because a) we were hungry and b) who are we to say no to red velvet cake? But really though, the food was SO GOOD! I’d say this place if perfect for a lunch break during your day in the city. It can be quite busy so if you’re looking for a quite place to catch up, you might want to find another place. Oh and by the way, while we were having lunch we saw people having the High Tea menu and it looks so good that I’m definitely going to have to go back and try it out.


Westewagenstraat 80, Rotterdam


You can find their website here!


If you have any favourite coffee places I should check out (It really doesn’t matter where in the world you are because, I hope to get everywhere one day ;) ) please do let me know in the comments section!



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  • missgetaway

    Oh wow! That looks incredible – and that red velvet cake, duuuuuh now I want one as well :)

    Love, Kerstin

    • Yara Miora

      Haha it really was Kerstin Thanks!! And yes that red velvet cake makes me hungry too.. in fact I just popped something in the oven, couldn’t help it ;) <3

  • Summer

    I love coffee! Thanks for this wonderful review. The food looks delicious♥♥

    • Yara Miora

      I love coffee too Summer! It really was delicious :) Thanks for reading and your sweet comment! <3

  • Sally Sargeant Hu

    Sister! I need to go here with you! Oh how I could spend hours drinking tea with you and chatting!

    • Yara Miora

      One day I will take you to all my favorite places and I can’t wait for that day to come! <3

  • Ursula Ball

    I enjoy your coffeehouse review and that red velvet cake (OMG)!! If you ever visit Lynchburg,Virginia, go to The White Hart Cafe in Downtown Lynchburg!!

    Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty

    • Yara Miora

      Yes that red velvet cake is really calling me to go back x) haha thanks so much Ursula I’m most definitely writing it down in my “Coffee Hunter Notebook! x

  • Ellese Launer

    All of that looks delicious!! You two are gorgeous! Xo, Ellese

    • Yara Miora

      What a sweet comment Ellese! (and what a beautiful name you have :) Thank you so much for reading.