20 Life Rules For a 20-something

20 Life Rules For a 20-something

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Now its no secret that I don’t have life figured out yet, but luckily according to a very reliable source (ahem Pinterest Quotes) thats what your twenties are all about; figuring it out. So while we slip, trip and sometimes fall,  we learn from both our own experiences and from others and thats kinda cool. The other day I was slightly frustrated with myself over small silly things I felt I was doing wrong, when I decided to make a list (because I love making lists) of “rules” to live by as a 20-something. Some are cliché, some might be a little silly, but I like them anyway and just wanted to share that with you guys, and hopefully you’ll find some inspiration in them as well.


1| Work hard on friendships – I think I used to take friendships for granted, and its quite easy to fall into that trap when you get to live with your best friends for years. Yet when you all move away, you’ll start noticing that keeping in touch, and keeping your bond strong takes a lot of conscious effort. Make time for what’s important. Same goes for family, text your mom back, tell your siblings you love them & don’t miss birthdays.


2 | Its all about balance – Waffles with chocolate for breakfast? Healthy salad for lunch. Partied all weekend? Go to bed early during the week.


3 | Take care of your body – And I don’t mean drink one green smoothie a month, I mean really take care of your body the best way you can. Sleep well, eat well, drink lots of water and have killer workouts. It makes all the difference.


4| Learn as much as you can – take advantage of this point of your life in which you are expected to still be developing skills and there is so much knowledge up for grabs. Take your education seriously, respect your teachers and listen to what they have to say. Read books and watch documentaries. Learn from others as there’s something to be learned from every single person you meet. Knowledge is invaluable.


5| Start saving money – even if you can only save 10 euros (or whatever currency you’re dealing with) set aside some money every month, and with time it will add up to something great. You’ll never regret saving up.


6| Don’t compare your life with someone else’s – especially not with what you see on social media and don’t be hasty to judge others, you don’t know their story.


7| Reply to e-mails (and texts) within 24 hrs  – with kind regards.


8 | An organized house allows for an organized mind – make up your bed every morning, don’t leave your clothes hanging around the room, organize your desk and if you haven’t used it in 6 months, trash it!


9| Don’t avoid uncomfortable conversations – the longer you hold it off the worse it gets, believe you me ;)


10| Take lots of pictures – and write things down. In a couple of years you’ll be so glad you did.


11| Get excited about ‘silly’ little things – First snow of the year? Go outside, make snow angles and celebrate with hot chocolate! New shampoo? Put on some candles and enjoy your shower a little extra!


12| Know your limits and learn to say No – As a people pleaser and a person who likes to take on too much in general, I can tell you from personal experience that saying No to something, someone or even to myself is one of the hardest things to learn. But being honest both to yourself and to others will keep you safe from being in a situation where you’re too overwhelmed, too overworked or simply somewhere you don’t want to be. This applies to any aspect of life, personal, social and professional.


13 | Say YES more often – I know what you’re thinking, big contradiction here, but let me explain. As opposed to what I was talking about in the point above, there’s things in life I easily say no to, its the things that scare me. Whenever I’m not sure I can handle a situation, or when I doubt my skills on something, saying No is the easiest way out. I guess its a method of trying to avoid ‘failure’, and I’d like to put that between air quotes because I think that failure is an awful word. It freaks me out, it really does, but I could write a novel on that and thats not what today’s post is all about, so lets get back to the point. But avoiding situations that are out of your comfort zone deprives you of so many great experiences and discoveries (about both the world and yourself) I promise. So if deep down you wish you were able to do it/experience it, and the only reason you’re saying No, is because you are scared, say Yes, just say Yes and you’ll figure out how to do it later. And if it turns out to be disappointing, shrug your shoulders and say “at least I tried, lesson learned”. Whats the worst that can happen?


14| Don’t do groceries when you’re hungry – seems silly but so true.


15| Perfection is overrated. – Or actually let me re-phrase that, I don’t think perfect exists, I have this theory that ‘perfection’ is just a concept we humans have invented, yet you can’t find it anywhere in anything. So stop striving for something that doesn’t exists, let go of that frustration and just do the best you can.


16| Don’t take yourself/life too seriously – Laugh at your own little blunders, or as one of my favorite quotes states “When something goes wrong, yell “plot twist”,  and move on.”


17| Listen & respect other’s opinions – especially when you disagree.


18| Worrying is a waste of energy and time – worrying about the past won’t change it and worrying about the future won’t prepare you for what is coming.


19| If it doesn’t feel right, don’t follow the crowd – I don’t think there’s anything wrong with following the crowd, if the crowd is doing something that would make you happy, please go for it and enjoy being with so many like minded people. But if what the crowd is doing, does not fit you, be brave enough to do things in a different way.


20| Do good – this is so broad but really, you’ll never regret being friendly and honest. Be the best version of yourself and think before you act; is this making me a better person? Say ‘thank you’, ‘bless you’  & ‘I’m sorry’. Give compliments, be genuine and help others when you can.


I don’t claim to live by those rules all the time, gosh I wish! But they’re some great guidelines to what I think is important in life and what I strive for. What are some rules you want to live by? Do you agree with mine? Share your wisdom in the comments below, I’d love to read them!




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  • Evelien

    Hi Yara, I just came across your blog and I love it! I’m in my late twenties and I agree with your life rules, I only wish I’d learned them earlier ;-)

    • http://www.thetwentiesguide.com Yara Miora

      Ah thank you so much for your comment Evelien! Hope you make the last bit of your twenties amazing :) <3

  • missgetaway

    So true though! Definitely get to start doing the saving thing :)

    Love, Kerstin

    • http://www.thetwentiesguide.com Yara Miora

      Haha every little bit helps! You can do this ;) <3

  • Michèle

    these are indeed good points. agree, agree


    • http://www.thetwentiesguide.com Yara Miora

      Thanks so much Michèle! <3

  • http://currentlylovingsimplicity.wordpress.com Currentlylovingsimplicity

    Amazing list! If you implement all of these, it sounds like your life might be pretty figured out… I do most of these, and from personal experience, I can say that saving money, taking care of my body, ignoring perfection, not doing groceries when hungry, and doing good in the world really really make such a difference in life!

  • http://www.livingaworld.com/ Anahita

    Hi Yara! I just stumbled across your blog! love your photos and enjoyed this post very much.

    Love from Hong Kong!

    Anahita x


    • http://www.thetwentiesguide.com Yara Miora

      Thank you so so much Anahita! :) <3