Currently I am.. | December ’15

Currently I am.. | December ’15

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The last month of the year always gives me an extra dose of butterflies. So here we go last ‘Currently I am..’ post of 2015, because currently I am..

.. excited; about the christmas decorations everywhere, goodness, I love fairy lights (are they even called fairy lights? idk).


.. craving; hot cocoa. How cliché am I? But to be honest I haven’t had some in a veeery long time and mini marshmallows just sound perfect right now!


.. listening to; Justin Bierber’s new album. At a different time in my life I might have lied about this but there’s no hiding it, there’s about 5 songs that I listen to on the daily. (Besides all the christmas music OF COURSE!).


.. reading; ‘The Happiness Project’ by Gretchen Rubins. Actually I’m two pages away of finishing the book (within a week!) and I already know I’m going to be re-reading this a couple of times. In the book Rubins shares her experiences as she tries to become a happier person during her one year Happiness Project. Every month she focusses her resolutions on a different aspect of her life And though I have to say that I’d have liked more in-depth information about her experiments, there’s a lot of lessons to learn from the book and her insights are so practical that I can’t wait to implement some of her rules into my own life (and just in time for my 2016 resolutions haha!).


.. eating; A lot of chocolate. Not good, but so good!


.. watching; Nothing. I think I could use some recommendations on the ‘Christmas Movie’- department, what are your favourites to watch during the holiday season?


.. making; lots and lots of lists. To-do lists, resolution lists, presents-to-buy lists, blogpost-ideas lists, things-I’m-saving-for lists, books-I-want-to-read lists, and a bunch more to-do lists.


.. challenging myself by; making a resolution to post something on here every single day in December. I’ve seen these kinds of challenges all over the blogosphere and some bloggers even manage to post on a daily basis the whole year round and it kind of blows my mind. I wonder if I can keep it up and how it will affect the way I feel about blogging/writing. We’ll see how it goes!


.. looking for; a good planner for 2016. I feel like every year I struggle and struggle to find what I want and end up buying just some diary that I hardly use because it doesn’t have space for my to-do’s or notes or something along those lines.


.. counting down the days till; my dear dear dear Sally & Preston come to visit. I am beyond excited that I can finally talk about this because for months her visit was a secret, planned by her husband, but oh this is going to be so good. Sally is my sister at heart and ever since the first day of uni-orientation a person I confide in and look up to. I got to see her get married to her best friend last year and I can’t wait to go on an adventure or two with them in little over a month. Oh the amount of coffee we’ll be having, I can’t wait!


So that was me, what about you? What are you guys up to? :)




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  • Elizabeth Mayberry

    I love the Beibs!

    • Yara Miora

      HAha I’m glad you agree Elizabeth! <3