Postcards From | Paris pt. 2

Postcards From | Paris pt. 2

We reached the Louvre, hardly containing our excitement and extremely snap-happy. I had the hardest time editing this post and cutting on the number of pictures so I hope you’re sitting comfortably, because you are about to see half the Louvre in this post ;)

Marble statues are always some of my favorites, it amazes me how people can make something so solid and hard seem so soft and human-like.



The louvre is definitely one of those visual overdose kind of things where you don’t know where to look because everything is so beautiful and you just want to soak up as much as you can. Its not just the pieces of art, its the whole building really, the ceilings, stairs and floors, its all very, very, instagram-worthy ;). We decided to go for a selection of rooms that had our favorite artists because we did not want to spend too much time inside when the weather was perfect and there was so much to see still. We wandered around, observed the crowds around the famous Mona Lisa and got a little lost again looking for “the big room full of sculptures”. While I was being busy taking a ridiculous amount of pictures of every inch of that place, Emily was on her turn killing it at the “match weird art with crazy captions on snapchat”-game. After having covered a lot of ground we started to get de-cafienated and seriously hungry, so we made our way outside to the park around the museum for a little picnic. to get re-energized before we continued the rest of our wanderings.



To Be Continued..




Ps. My dress is from H&M, leather sandals form ANF

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  • Ursula Ball

    I know there are some places that given a week it will still be not enough time to explore the entire area!! Beautiful pictures from Lourve!!


    • Yara Miora

      I agree Ursula, some places will never grow old! <3