Postcards From | Paris pt.5 (this is the last one I promise)

Postcards From | Paris pt.5 (this is the last one I promise)

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So are you ready for the last bunch of pictures form Paris? I know I am! Mainly because I have a bunch of other things to share on here but also because I’m a bit ashamed that it took me half a year to be done with posting about this trip.. whoopsie..

We left the Eiffel Tower and made our way to a Museum that would soon become one of my favorite museums in the world, Musée d’Orsay. The museum used to be a train station and you can still see lots of elements of it in the museum’s building. But what I love most is that it holds the worlds largest collection of impressionist art from Degas to Monet, Manet to Cézanne. Definitely a must see when you’re in the city!

Degas and his beautiful dancers.


We left the museum at closing time and walked into a park where we couldn’t resist the ice-cream truck (obviously). We sat in the park for a while before we made our way to dinner. My dear friend Maria had just arrived in Paris for her semester abroad in Paris (doesn’t that sound dreamy? it sure does to me!) and we had a little bit of time to meet up with her before we needed to get on our busses out of the city. We had dinner at Chipotle because I was craving it like CRAZY and then it was time to grab our luggage and start saying our goodbyes. This trip was magical, absolutely magical, I’ve always found the idea of just picking up your stuff and leaving on a whim so romantic and adventurous but never really did it before. I highly recommend it though. Not having expectations and plans can be such a freeing experience (but I have to say that I LOVE planning trips too). But what I’m really thankful for is that I really lucked out with having such an adventurous & fun friend who was crazy enough to agree to leave 4 hours after a Skype call on a midnight bus to Paris, Em you rock, I can’t wait to go on more adventures with you!





Ps. my skirt is from HERE! my shirt is an oldie from HERE! the sandals from HERE! & my hat we found in a little shop during the trip.



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