Goodbye To 22!

Goodbye To 22!

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Over Easter weekend I got to say goodbye to the 22nd year of my life and what a year it was!

I moved back home, got a full time job, lost some friends, made a bunch of new ones and started this little blog of mine. I traveled more spontaneously and am learning to speak my mind more freely. I got back into dancing for a while and also quit again. My closet started piling over and so did my bookcase. I started treating my shoes more nicely and promised myself to stop biting my nails a total number of 17 times (maybe even more) and failed every single time but I still have hope. I made more trips to Amsterdam to see the Mr. than I probably have in all the previous years in my whole life combined. I converted from never having breakfast to a breakfast fanatic (thank you Instagram) and decided to give bananas another chance in my life. I also picked up yoga through Youtube and am learning to use my camera in manual modus.


You know how some of us plan our lives with a crazy bunch of lists and envision what we want to achieve by a certain age, and all that stressful stuff? I am definitely one of those people and I certainly used to have an image of where I would be and how I would be once I hit a certain number of years. But looking back on this last year (and maybe even the year before that) I realize that sometimes you end up in exactly the opposite place than you envisioned you would, and that thats okay. Its been a year of growth which always comes with deep lows but even more so incredible high’s that I’m forever grateful for. I feel like this was a season of development and self reflection that I needed a lot but didn’t “schedule” into my life plan, and maybe that freaks me out more than I’d like to admit. People keep asking me if I feel older and I never really do after my birthday but I do feel that something is different, like I’m starting to get on the right track and that an exciting new chapter is awaiting this year.


We celebrated my birthday in Paris, which was the best gift I could have been given and I promise to share more from that soon. But I first want to finish posting about our Portugal trip!


23, I’m coming at you in full speed, its going to be a good one, I feel it in my bones my friends, I feel it in my bones.





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  • Anastasia

    Oh Yara, you are so young and still managed to do so much!
    If I could turn back in time I would do exactly the same-stress less and travel as much as possible, and for sure learn how to use my camera on manual mode ;) hehe
    Happy birthday once again!

    xo Anastasia
    Natbee’s Fashion, UK Travel Blog

  • Carla

    Happy Birthday, Yara!
    And by the way, I completely get you on the nail biting – I must have tried to stop at least a thousand times in the last 10 years but still haven’t achieved it. Maybe 2016 will be the year we finally achieve it!;-)