Currently I am.. | April ’17

Currently I am.. | April ’17

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A little different “Currently I am..” post than usual because I don’t feel like putting my life in lists and shaking things up every now and then is healthy, right? So currently I am not living in Amsterdam anymore, my internship is in full swing and already mistakenly told a lady at the museum that I am 23 years old. Turning 24 felt like a relief, wrapped in a mini-anxiety attack about time passing by so quickly. Sounds contradicting right? 23 was FULL of changes and challenges and  I am just so ready for this new year. Not that it will be without changes and challenges but I’d like this year to be about growth. Personal growth and growth of a community in my personal life and community here online. The other day I had to admit that for someone whose focus has always been on the next destination, the next adventure, I kind of miss the feeling of being grounded somewhere. This does not mean that my wanderlust has faded in the least bit, but I guess the more you want your branches to grow further and further your roots need to sink deeper too. Whoops did I just get philosophical on you?

Anyway, all this to say that I am super excited for this new year of life. I can’t wait to take you on this journey with me and I hope you’ll stick around cause good stuff is comin’ ;) Okay thats it for today I’ll leave you with this quote I found on Pinterest that really struck a cord with me..


“So, do it. Decide

Is this the life you want to live?

Is this the person you want to love?

Is this the best you can be?

Can you be stronger?

Kinder? More compassionate?


Breathe in.

Breathe out.

& Decide”

– Greys Anatomy


What about you? What are you guys up to? :)





Ps. Remember when I turned 23? and went to Paris to celebrate?




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