Dear 2017,

Dear 2017,

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I’m going to keep this short and sweet (and a little fierce too).


“Dear 2017,

You were the lesson I needed. 
The heartbreak I did not see coming.
The abundance of comfort I found.
The decision I’ve been afraid to make.
The slap in the face, the hug, the mind-opening, thought provoking, hand holding, the tearing apart and the bringing together. 

Thank you.
I think we’re done.

All my love (and goodness I’ve got a lot of it now)
Yours truly”



I hope you can look back on 2017 and find the good stuff, the magical moments no matter how hard the year has been. Lets look forward with arms (and hearts) wide open because there’s a whoooooole 365 blank pages to be written on and I hope you’re ready. I sure am!

See you in the new year lovelies!


Ps. What is your best/favourite memory from 2017? i’d love to hear your stories.








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