Recipe | Easy Iced Coffee

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Hi lovely people! As spring is supposedly in the air (unless you live in northern Europe and are suffering from a second wind of fall like we are over here) its time for iced-anything. Iced-tea, Iced-juice (popsicles) but more importantly iced-coffee! So today I’m sharing one of my easiest iced-coffee recipes..


Seen On Screen | The Age Of Adeline (2015)

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The other day Sabrina and I decided to go to the movies together to see the film “The Age of Adeline” (2015). Now to be honest I don’t go to the movies that often anymore because for one, its getting ridiculously expensive these days and two, I secretly like the comfort of my Pj’s  and my own bed/couch. (Anyone who feels the same?)

However its nice to do it every once in a while and treat yourself a bit and when I heard about this film I immediately wanted to see it; a women who doesn’t grow older? That made my Peter Pan-like heart beat faster ;) Continued

Postcards From | London pt. 1

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As I mentioned before, in February I packed my backpack and booked a one-way ticket to London. I bought a new camera two days before I left since it was an impulsive/spur of the moment decision. I had so much fun experimenting with the new camera that I took a ridiculous amount of pictures, which I’ll start sharing on here. I hope you guys like my Postcards from London, part 1! Continued

The Coffee Hunter | Hopper, Rotterdam

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What once started as merely a job to save up money for my exchange trip to The States developed into a full-blown passion for coffee. I loved working as a barista, making people’s days a little brighter with a cup of great quality coffee. Since my barista days are behind me, one of my favorite things to do is find great coffee places in every city I visit. And I’d love to share my coffee hunting finds with you all on here! Ready for our first coffee stop? Its at Hopper, Rotterdam. Continued

Random Rambles | On Doubts

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I use Pinterest as my “organized place of inspiration”. Wether I’m looking for a recipe, a nice DIY or the next place to put on my travel bucket list. More often than not I find myself saving quotes and words of wisdom that strike a chord with me and my Board “Words to Live By” is definitely one I re-visit the most. While I was scrolling through it this morning (feeling slightly defeated and sad) I stumbled upon these words:


“Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will”


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