Currently I am..| May ’16

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Oh my goodness its been a while. I haven’t touched the blog or any social media for that matter in a month and I kind of needed it. When there’s so much going on and you mind is just one big foggy place in which you can’t seem to find your way, being online all the time doesn’t really help. But I’m back, and I’ve got a TON of exciting things to share, so lets go: currently I am… Continued

Postcards From | Lisbon “Rooftops & Palmtrees” pt.3

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We woke up several times in the middle of the night by screaming people and glass being picked up and I guess thats just the downside of being in the heart of a city. Regardless of the not so great night we dragged our asses out of bed for the second day in Lisbon which was filled with rooftop views and palm trees all over.. Continued

Postcards From | Lisbon; “eat, eat & eat some more” pt.2

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We went into Lisbon’s Cathedral which reminded us a lot of the Notre Dame in Paris from the outside (which I couldn’t get on camera without ugly cars and signs and construction works so you’ll have to Google that). Let me take you inside, oh and as you can guess from the title, show you the amazing food we had this day! Continued

Postcards From | Lisbon; “off to the castle we go” Pt.1

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Last night I put all the pictures from our four day trip (all 700 of them) on my laptop. I was going through them to start editing the first bunch and its hard to believe we were just there, in the lovely sun, miles and miles away. Thank goodness we have pictures that take us back to memories I want to keep forever. Since we took a LOT of pictures and I couldn’t narrow down the selection that well (oops..) here’s part one of my first time in Portugal.. Continued

Portugal Travel Prep

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To me, half the fun of traveling is the travel prep. I’m not going to lie, a big part of travel prep makes me stressed and gives me a huge head ache. Finding the cheapest ticket and the best place to stay are painful, long processes for me but once the purely practical stuff is arranged the REAL fun can start; finding out what I want to do and see. We are currently in Portugal and I thought it might be fun and helpful to share our travel prep for this trip!


Recipe | Spring-ready Grapefruit Salad

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The weather is still freezing over here but the sun is shining a bit more often and longer ever day we get closer to summer. I mean spring, lets not get ahead of ourselves here hah! I love spring for many different reasons and one of them is how much it makes me crave fresh & healthy food. So today I wanted to share the results of a little experiment I tried to do with grapefruits! Continued

The 8 Best Places To Find Travel Inspiration

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When the whole world is on your bucket-list you find travel inspiration around every corner. But what if you need a little push? What if you want to decide on your next adventure but don’t even know where to start? I have compiled a little list of my favorite places to find travel inspiration on a daily basis and I hope it will inspire you too! Continued

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