Postcards From | A View Over Budapest pt.3

I took a ridiculous amount of pictures on my third day in Budapest so you can imagine it was difficult putting this post together. The weather was more than a bit misty which at first I was a bit bummed out about. But as I got up the hills and saw the view of the city I was amazed because it made the city look even more dreamy and surreal.. Continued

The Iron Lady Juice

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There’s a flue epidemic in the Netherlands at the moment and I think I may have been over-confident about not getting sick and jinxed it because for the past couple of days I’ve been fighting off a virus and its ugly my friends. (but I’ll spare you the gory details). Now the upside to this whole thing is that I finally have a great excuse to get out my juicer again and try some new combinations. I feel like with juicing its hit & miss most of the time, but today I found a winner! Continued

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