Postcards From | London pt. 4

Postcards From | London pt. 4

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So after that great sunny day in London I completely jinxed myself because the next day was just one shower after the other. But, I’m not one to complain (too much ha!), come on if you’re going to be stuck in the rain somewhere it better be in London right?* Where the museums are free and coffee places endless.. need I say more?


dino london

dino skeleton

interior natural history museum

statue of Darwin

inside of the natural history museum

whale skeleton

giraffe at the natural history museum

london brick lane portraits

colourful london


” Rebellion can kill you” Hahah loved this!

dressed skeleton

street art brick lane

brick lane art london

Us at brick lane London

Graffiti london

Gina and I headed out with the plan to check off at least one museum from our list, but first things first, coffee! With our coffees to-go we made our way to the British Museum first. It seems we weren’t the only ones greatly impressed by ancient sculptures (my current art-obsession it seems) but my camera decided that all files from that museum were to be deleted. Why? I honestly don’t know. So you’re just going to have to believe me on my word that it was great and totally worth the visit, as there is something for everyone. There was a lot of art from what is now called Iraq, which is where my family is from and its hard to believe that a place that is in complete chaos and destruction once was such a rich, developed and beautiful place. It really breaks my heart.

We left the museum energized and excited to see/learn more so we decided to go to the Natural History museum as well. Now I’ll be honest this wasn’t very high on my priority list for London but I’m actually really glad we went (even though we stood in the pouring rain for literally an hour to get inside.. Gina is so great, we had so much fun that hour but its beyond me why we didn’t just leave). My favorite part was the architecture of the building, its beautiful! The dino is awesome too, though I find it very surreal and hard t imagine it once was a living being. The room with the whale skeletons and dolphins is awesome too. I kept bumping into little kids with their eyes wide open, pulling their parents everywhere, its the sweetest thing. I can’t wait to have kids to take along to museums and see them look at everything in awe and teach them about this wonderful world we live in. Don’t worry mom, I’m not planning on it just yet ;)

Two museums, a lot of walking and a little bit of shopping was topped off by dinner at an Italian pizza place, called Da Mario, which supposedly was Princess Diana’s favorite place for pizza, so obviously I had pizza, and it was the best last dinner in London I could have wished for! The next morning I packed my backpack (still amazed I managed to close that thing time after time after time) and made one more little trip to a place K. put on my London-bucketlist for me; Brick Lane. Rachel hadn’t been either so we headed out together and while we were talking about education and art we noticed we had made a little rookie mistake, we were too early! Most shoppes weren’t open but it was actually nice because it allowed for us to wander around and take pictures without too much people around. After lunch-time it got busier and the shops slowly started opening too. I have got to tell you, we were in vintage & cute art store -heaven. I managed to get away with buying only one book but man it was hard to control myself. The hipster-side of London is really cool, make sure you don’t miss it and go around 3pm & make sure you’re hungry!

My week in London absolutely flew by, it felt like home after the first couple of hours and I had an amazing time. I owe a great deal of that to the amazing ladies who let me crash on their couch and join in their group. I can’t believe they’re all back in Madison, WI right now, its about time teleportation became a a real thing.. hello its 2015! Anyway that was it from London, I hope you enjoyed all the posts ( Here you can find London part 1, London part 2, London part 3 !) and I can’t wait to share the next bunch of postcards with you, they’re from Dublin so stay tuned!




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* After finishing this and re-reading my post I have to take this statement back, or adjust it a tiny bit, because if I’m going to get stuck in the somewhere I actually would rather be in NYC, wouldn’t you agree?

  • Koen

    Brick lane!!

    • Yara Miora

      Haha yes! thanks for the recommendation :) <3

  • Brazen Brunette

    London looks amazing, thanks so much for sharing your amazing photos! I am dying to visit London, I am hoping to make the trip this year.

    xoxo Nicole

    • Yara Miora

      It really really is Nicole! I love sharing my adventures on here & there’s a lot more to come :) Thank you so much for reading!

      Liefs <3