Postcards From | Uppsala, Sweden

Postcards From | Uppsala, Sweden

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After my short but sweet time in Denmark I hopped on a train from Copenhagen to Uppsala to meet my dear friend Malin. I’d never been to Sweden before but the love this girl has for her country got me really curious, plus I had not seen her in a long while so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to catch up and see where she’s from.


It took five and half hours to get from A to B and this was the longest journey I’ve had on a train. I bought a lot of food, partially because I was worried I was going to be uncomfortable and bored during the trip and partially because I feel like being on the road requests snacks, always! Anyway, the train journey was actually quite enjoyable, I got to stare out the window and see the landscape change. There was a plug to charge my phone so I could still listen to some music and I just bundled up in my huge scarf until suddenly I jumped off the train and ran into “My Swedish Sister”. Malin and I met during our semester abroad in Madison, WI and you know how it goes, within a heartbeat its like you’ve known each other forever. Now before I start to ramble on and on about my time at UW Madison, lets have a look at the cute town of Uppsala.



Uppsala is a student town about 40min. away from Stockholm by train, its not too big so you can get pretty much anywhere by bike. The city is home to the University of Uppsala, which is the oldest university in Scandinavia, and to a large population of students keeping the city vibrant, with its many student nations. Malin and I walked everywhere, or actually she made me power-walk everywhere, so by the time 4pm came around we thought we surely deserved treat. We walked down the hill again, into the city center to introduce me to the phenomenon that’s called Fika. So from what I understand fika is going for coffee and something sweet in the middle of the day, to relax, unwind and catch up with a friend before you go back to work again. All I can say is that those cinnamon rolls are the best I ever had and I think we all should adopt Fika into our lifestyles (and the power walking as well, so you don’t feel too bad about that second cinnamon roll hah!).

After all the fast paced city hopping I had been doing it was really great to stay in Sweden for four days and give myself a little more time to breathe and explore. I think that is one of my biggest take-aways from my trip, don’t rush it. Places need time to be explored and you need some time yourself as well to adjust and be ready to let in all the new impressions.


Of course I couldn’t be so close to Stockholm and not go see it, so on my third day Malin had to go to work and I woke up early with her to take the train to the city and go wander. But more on that next time ;)




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  • Charelle

    Really cool pictures! And the cinnamon buns indeed do look delicious! I’ll be visiting Finland next month, hope they have a Fika-like tradition there too!

    • Yara Miora

      Oooh nice! I have never been to Finland yet so I am super curious to hear how you experience it :) If they don’t have Fika you might just introduce it to them ;) <3

  • ≈ CARMEN ≈

    These are some beautiful photos. I have visited Copenhagen but I haven’t had the opportunity to go to Sweden. :]

    // ▲ ▲

    • Yara Miora

      Ah thank you dear!! I hope you get to go some time because its such a nice country, I really can’t wait to go back one day :) x

  • Summer

    These photos are stunning♥♥

    • Yara Miora

      Thank you so much Summer :) <3