Postcards from | Bologna, Italy Pt. 1

Postcards from | Bologna, Italy Pt. 1

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So at the end of my last post from the “Postcards from” series I was heading home, lugage-less, from Madrid. I was so upset, tired and angry because I had already booked tickets and hostels to Valencia and Florence and had to let those go. Fortunately though, not all was lost and 10 days later K and I left to Bologna for a couple of days. 


We got off to a rocky start with being so close to missing our flight (and by being close I mean that we literally arrived at the airport 5 minutes before the plane took off. Yay for small airports and for only taking carry-ons!). We safely got to Bologna and took a cab to our Air bnb where a super sweet Italian lady welcomed us and gave us some tips on what to do and where to have food.

These colorful houses are so lovely!

Look at that architecture!

Mandatory holiday pictures are so awkward.. haha!

Hi there adventure partner!

Did I already mention I left my phone on the plane on our way to Bologna? I didn’t think I’d ever get it back but we called and called until we found out the crew had found it and kept it safe for us in The Netherlands until our return. But K. kindly let me (ab)use his phone.

Little bit silly sometimes, I blame it on the coffee ;)

View from the main square which is even prettier with a cappuccino in hand.

The fresh food looked out of this world good. Will you look at those tomatoes?

Italy is, and will probably always be, one of my favorite countries in the world. I think it has a lot to do with learning a lot about Italy’s history in high school for Latin and, who am I kidding, because of the great food. We’d never been to Bologna before and were super excited to discover what this city had to offer. Also, I was kind of relieved to be traveling with a buddy this time.

Bologna definitely treated us well, we only had some moments of rain and since we didn’t go during peak season it didn’t feel too touristy. The ridiculous thing about Italy is that it seems that no matter where you get coffee, its so good. But really. We didn’t have a single bad cup. Thats a win in my book for sure! Besides the good coffee we had more than our fair share of great food. Pasta Bolognese, cheese plates, meat plates, oh boy oh boy it was so good. But our trip wasn’t all about food of course! We wandered around the streets by foot, taking in all the beautiful architecture and little colorful allies. As per usual I took way too many pictures so I split them up into two posts so part two will be coming your way soon.


Have you ever been to Bologna? Or somewhere else in Italy?






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  • Charelle

    Ahw, such a bummer you lost your phone on the way to Bologna! Plane travelling isn’t going that well for you these days, is it? ;) But these are some lovely pictures, especially the ones with all the flowers! Looking forward to the postcards of your next trip! (: Love, Charelle

    • Yara Miora

      Haha I really hope that my bad flight karma has been used up by now to be honest! I just posted part two of Bologna and I have a bunch of pictures coming soon from Paris! Gosh I love sharing this with you guys :) Thanks for reading along! <3