Postcards From | Bologna, Italy pt. 2

Postcards From | Bologna, Italy pt. 2

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I really tried to narrow down the amount of pictures I was going to share but while I was editing I couldn’t pick so decided to just split the bunch into two posts. So here is part 2 of our adventures in Bologna.

Look at all the beautiful marble!

The colors of these houses really got to me, so warm and happy.

One day I’ll learn how to properly be in pictures, I promise, but for now sneaky shots like these will have to do


Probably my favorite place; Basilica di Santo Stefano. This church is an assembly of add-ons that have been built throughout the centuries. Its so beautiful and unique, I think we spent a good two hours there.

Sugar break!

Most photogenic courtyard

This window looks like it comes straight out of some beautiful artsy film doesn’t it? One day I will live in a house with flowers outside my windows just like that and have my morning coffee in front of the open windows while the sun rises. One day. One day.

Going through these pictures of more than a half year ago makes me feel so odd. I feel like so much has happened in the mean time and yet at the same time I can’t believe so much time has passed since then. I guess its just the end of the year approaching that has got me all sentimental but I am just so thankful for the adventures I’ve been able to go on and glad I have these pictures that can take me back in time a bit. Hope you enjoyed my Bologna photos, as much as I love sharing them with you!


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  • Rad

    Love your photos! What camera do you use? They come out so clean and sharp!