My 6 December Resolutions

My 6 December Resolutions

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I already mentioned it in yesterday’s post, but the last month of the year always throws me off a bit. But only in the best way though. Where normally people tend to start resolutions the first of January, I get all excited by trying to finish the year off with a bang, and since “there’s no better time than the present to start making changes” I decided to make a little list of six resolutions;
1| Finances: stop spending on silly things. No more coffee runs, no more buying lunch somewhere because I was too lazy to make something in the morning, no more buying books before I finish reading all those unread books that have piled up so high, no more clothes because soon I’ll need an extra closet and thats just ridiculous and no more candy. Holiday month is already as expensive as it gets and I feel like with the colder weather I’ve been cutting myself way more slack than I should. “Oh I’m cold a nice big cup of coffee would be so good, I work hard, I deserve it”. Which isn’t a bad thing necessarily but I want to try to not spend money on anything that isn’t necessary or a present.


2| Health: follow Blogilates December Calendar. I tried to figure out when the last time was that I worked out and I’m ashamed to say its been 2 months. 2 MONTHS! And here I am wondering why my head hurts so much lately and why all my muscles are tense. I know its harder to go outside now that it has started raining non stop over here so as a resolution I want to follow Casey’s videos (which you can find here) every day for this month.


3| Relationships: text back within 24hrs. My goodness why is this so hard for me? I feel like the worst friend sometimes when I realize I forgot to respond to someone for days and then for some really strange reason, feeling bad about it makes me put it off even more. This is so rude, so my resolution is to answer everyone within 24 hours.


4| Knowledge: learn something new every day. Wether this is in the form of reading a book, reading scientific articles, watching youtube videos of lectures or just simply spending a half hour on DuoLingo learning Italian. I want to feel like I’m developing something or gaining knowledge/insights and according to ‘The Happiness Project’ that I mentioned yesterday thats an important part of being happy; being in an atmosphere of growth. So here’s to personal growth!


5| Mindfulness: keep a daily thankful-list. Jup, after all those Thanksgiving posts I kept reading this week I’m going to start yet another list, and this one is especially good. I want to focus more on positive things and on things I’m thankful for so every night before bed, I want to write down 3 things I’m thankful for, and try not to re-use from the days before. I should be able to find 93 things to be thankful about shouldn’t I?


6| Blog: post every day. Now I hope this resolution will be possible but I already know this is going to be quite a struggle. I want to be able to blog a bit more freely, enjoy the process more and let go of that constant nagging in my head that “the writing isn’t good enough”, “the pictures this”, “The views that” blablabla, in the end it is about having a creative outlet that I enjoy sharing with all of you. Its not going to be perfect, but who said it had to be?


Gosh I hope I didn’t set impossible resolutions but we’ll see. I’ll keep track of them on a daily basis in a private unpublished post, but feel free to pester me about it and check up on me because I know I need that social pressure sometimes.. yikes.


What about you guys, do you have yearly resolutions? or monthly? And what are some tips or tricks that help you keep them? I’m all ears ;)






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  • Diana

    I’m 100% with you on #1! I really need to stop wasting money on silly little things I don’t need.

    • Yara Miora

      Haha I’m glad I’m not the only one, lets do it Diana! x

  • Rad

    This is so inspirational. I love Blogilates- that’s a great fitness goal!