Postcards From | Paris pt.1

Postcards From | Paris pt.1

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Paris has a special spot in my wanderlust-y heart.

Though my memories from my first time in Paris when I was a little kid weren’t as pleasant (it rained the whole time and I was sick and had to drink buttermilk.. yuk.) I fell in love with the city in my freshman year of college. I remember not falling asleep the night before we left because we were so excited and how that excitement didn’t disappear when the alarm went off at 4am. We made our way over to the busses with our coffee in our mugs and I felt so grown up. What a luxury to just be able to decide to go to Paris for the weekend with some of your favorite people! We were lucky too because even though it was the beginning of November we had perfectly sunny autumn weather. We stayed out all day and didn’t leave the streets of Paris until way (WAY) after bedtime ;). It was magical and beautiful and nothing anyone had ever written or said about Paris seemed exaggerated. The next night we took the bus back I made a deal with myself that I should go on “weekends to Paris” more often. I mean its only a 4/5 hour drive away! But life does what it does and I didn’t do what I had promised myself to do and there I was four years later, and the only thing of Paris I’d seen in the main time was the airport on a layover to Boise.


Anyway long story short, one Friday at the end of August, around noon, after a couple of stressful weeks at work I just wanted to get out of this country. I had a weekend off, which is rare, and when I got home around 5pm I started looking for bus tickets. Not before long I booked a return ticket to Paris, convinced my friend Emily (who is an Au Pair in Germany)  to be crazy and spontaneous with me and 10 hours later at 6 in the morning we met up in Paris.


Such a gorgeous city!


You put two (former) barista’s together so obviously the first stop is coffee, so we wandered around the streets and stumbled upon this place called Baguette’s CAFE .


Home made baked goods and great coffee, what more does a person need? We really liked this place and the owners were super sweet (and they let me take a bunch of pictures without looking at me too weirdly haha!) plus they offer gluten free things as welll! Re-cafainated and super excited we proceeded our wanderings..


The ever so elegant Emily.


And the tad less elegant, me ;)


We stumbled upon this place by accident and I recognized it from the bunch of blogs that I follow so we decided to stop, take some pictures at this gorgeous square.


Started of quite modest..


“This would be a good place for Yoga, no?”




Not sure why I thought this was a good idea, but the sun sure felt amazing and kind of zen.


What I love most about this picture is the little kid on the bike in the background, so so cute!


By the time we reached the Louvre I think we already took about 70 pictures and pinched ourselves a gazillion times. Did we just really hop on a bus to Paris for a spontaneous trip? How crazy good is life?


To Be Continued..




Ps. My dress is from H&M, leather sandals form ANF


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  • Summer

    Your photos are beyond beautiful ♥

    • Yara Miora

      Thank you so so much Summer for your sweet comment! <3

  • Ursula Ball

    Love your pictures of Paris!! :)


    • Yara Miora

      Thank you so much Ursula I really appreciate you always leaving such sweet comments :) x

  • Lisa Preziosi

    Lovely photos. Visiting Paris is on my bucket list. I hope to get a chance to go there soon!

    • Yara Miora

      Oh Lisa I really hope you get to as well!! I’m sure you’ll love it!! x