Dear 2015..

Dear 2015..

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you were the year in which I:

* Moved back home.
* Started this little blog of mine.
* Had my first solo travel experience when I went backpacking through Europe and saw: London, Oxford, Dublin, Bremen, Berlin, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Uppsala and had that whole loosing my back pack fiasco in Madrid.
* Visited Bologna, Italy with Mr. Man for the first time.
* Got a full-time management job at Hollister.
* Ticked off “Spontaneous trip to Paris” from my Bucketlist with Emily.
* Took another solo-trip of a couple of days to Budapest (Posts coming soon!).
* Decided that baby steps are a much better & underrated way of making progress.
* Was home for Christmas for the first time in 4 years.
* Learned that there is NO perfect decision (though I still struggle with that concept hah).
* Got back into dancing and was on stage again for the first time in years.
* Stupidly stopped taking classes a couple of months later.
* Started taking a book with me everywhere.


Boy you were a rollercoaster kind of year and though I normally like rollercoasters a lot, I am kind of relieved we’ve said our goodbyes. Now I can’t complain too much about you, neither do I want to, because though you were filled with a lot of hurt and disappointments, the highlights outweigh the bad moments by a LOT, and I’m super thankful. So thank you for the challenges that forced me to grow, the chances I got and for the amazing people I get to call my (new) friends & family, and of course for the adventures around this beautiful world. Cheers!





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  • Kristina Lyngsø

    This year of yours sounds amazing! And I love these status blog posts where you look back at the year that has past and open your mind for the year that will come :) Happy new year!

    // Kristina

    • Yara Miora

      Thanks for reading and leaving such a sweet message Kristina!! It was a beautiful year indeed filled with ups and downs and I’m so thankful for it :). Happy new year to you as well <3

  • missgetaway

    Sounds like you’ve had an amzazing year in 2015! May 2016 be even better for you <3

    Love, Kerstin

    • Yara Miora

      Thanks so much Kerstin, lets make most of this year!!


  • Ursula Ball

    Wow,what an awesome year for you! Here’s to 2016! :)


    • Yara Miora

      Thank you sweet Ursula!