The Iron Lady Juice

The Iron Lady Juice

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There’s a flue epidemic in the Netherlands at the moment and I think I may have been over-confident about not getting sick and jinxed it because for the past couple of days I’ve been fighting off a virus and its ugly my friends. (but I’ll spare you the gory details). Now the upside to this whole thing is that I finally have a great excuse to get out my juicer again and try some new combinations. I feel like with juicing its hit & miss most of the time, but today I found a winner!


I wanted something fresh and sweet that would boost my immune system but I was starting to get sick of all the ginger/spinach/orange that I’ve been loading up on these days. For vitamin C, I switched the oranges for mandarins, for iron (and also vitamin A & C) I added red beetroots and for freshness I topped it off with some apples and cucumber. Turned out to be exactly what I wanted, fresh & sweet and super healthy! The recipe below is what I used to get one liter of juice.





< 4 mandarins (I added the pulp to the juice to not lose the fiber)

< 1/2 cucumber

< 2 medium sized apples (I like a bit more sour-y apples but whichever apples you have will work!)

< 4 medium sized beetroots



Give it a good stir and you’re good to go!



Boy I forgot how much I love juicing, but I also conveniently forgot that cleaning the juicer is a pain. Oh well.

Its been a long while since I’ve shared a recipe over here even though food is really one of my biggest passions and I think that recipes (especially healthy ones) can not miss from a Guide that helps you make most of your twenties, right? Now that I’ve got that juicer out of the box again I need some inspiration, so tell me, what are your favorite juice combinations?







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  • DJ

    Health always comes first! I’m inspired to give this a shot (let’s just call it the iron man juice though)

    DJ | Style & Personal Development

    • Yara Miora

      Haha you go ahead and call it Iron Man, I think it sounds kind of right too ;) Let me know how it turned out!

  • Stephanie Hartley

    Cleaning my juicer takes FOREVER. I love those straws – where are they from?

    Steph –