Postcards From | A Final Walk Through Budapest pt.4

Postcards From | A Final Walk Through Budapest pt.4

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When you only have four days in a city that you can easily spend weeks in you make most of every minute and take the cab to the airport as the very last moment possible, right? 


Lets start with the best coffee I had on my trip shall we? Its at this very hipster, exposed brick wall kind of place called Espresso Embassy. This place had such high ratings that I simply had to give it a visit of course! Its places like these that make me miss my barista job a bit. Lets close up a bit on that perfect foam.



Espresso Embassy 

Where? Arany János u. 15
What? Coffee dates and coffee runs. Bit hipster, but only in the best kind of way! Very instagrammable (is that a word yet? haha)
Price? Worth every penny.


After breakfast it was time to hit some final things off of The Budapest Bucketlist.

Those views over the Danube are so dreamy, right out of this world. The weather was so lovely and sunny that I couldn’t be bothered by the wind and the fact that it was actually very cold. I walked by the river till I found the monument Shoes on The Danube Bank. The monument honors the Jews who were shot by the river during WWII. Its a very humbling sight as the shoes look very real and you can’t help but feel a lump in your throat thinking about the horror people have gone through. But If anything, it makes me sad about how we’re dealing with the current flow of refugees that are coming in all over Europe. I wish we could show more compassion for our fellow human beings, it scares me sometimes when messages of hate and fear spread like wildfire over the news. I guess what I’m trying to say is  “lets take care of each other and imagine ourselves in those strangers’ shoes”.

Anyway back to Budapest.


The gorgeous parliament

A kind passer-by tried to take a picture of me and despite the wind this was the best we got. Oh well, its proof for when I’m 80 years old and can’t remember the adventures I’ve been on, right?


Visiting The Great Synagogue was on my bucket list as well as it is the biggest one in Europe and I’ve never been into one before. However 20 bucks to get inside was really over the budget that I’d set for this trip so I walked around it and took a couple of pictures. Maybe next time.


The beautiful weeping willow with on each leaf a name of one of the people who died during the war.

Next stop was the oldest film theater of Budapest just because I LOVE old film theaters.

On my way back to the apartment to grab my bags I walked into this cafe which had books lining all the walls and I simply had to pass by.


Bookstore & Cafe

Where? Nagy Diófa u. 30
What? Study sessions, meeting up with friends or just a couple of hours to yourself with a book.
Price? doesn’t cost much at all.


Then it was really time to make my way to the Airport and say goodbye to this beautiful city. These solo-trips, however short they may be, are leaving big marks on me. Some changes might not show at first but if I look back at the person I was a couple of years ago, I see the baby steps I’m making to becoming the person I want to be. I highly, highly recommend going on a trip by yourself even if its just for once. Its tough, rough, and lonely at times, but it’ll do wonders to your confidence and wanderlust, plus you’ll meet the most interesting people, I promise!






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  • Laura Hager

    These pictures are beautiful!


    • Yara Miora

      Oh thank you so much Laura, I’m glad you like them :) <3

  • offcolor

    What a beautiful city!!

    I start my #4timesspring challenge tomorrow! It’s a little sport/ workout challenge which celebrates the start of Spring :) Maybe this is something for you too :) x

  • Ursula Ball

    Beautiful pictures of Budpest and great title of the cafe “Espresso Embassy”! :)