Postcards From | A View Over Budapest pt.3

Postcards From | A View Over Budapest pt.3

I took a ridiculous amount of pictures on my third day in Budapest so you can imagine it was difficult putting this post together. The weather was more than a bit misty which at first I was a bit bummed out about. But as I got up the hills and saw the view of the city I was amazed because it made the city look even more dreamy and surreal..

Rooftops and the beautiful Parliament building in the background, such amazing architecture, I probably took 50 pictures of just this view.

The Fishermans Bastion and the Mathias Church in the distance

View over the Chain Bridge and St. Stephen’s Basilica in the background.

I walked around the grounds of the Castle District and in the national Gallery but I liked being outside enjoying the view a lot more.


Pretty colored houses in the old part of town.

Mathias Church is really something else. I mean you feel like you’ve seen about everything there’s to see in church designs when you go to Rome twice but this was so unique (both on the in and the outside!).


Before I went into the church I wanted to make sure I got most out of the daylight and snapped a TON of pictures of the Fisherman’s Bastion. Its such a beautiful construction and makes you feel like you are in a film set, which I always dream to be in so I was quite content ;). This is definitely one of the best places to go for a nice view over the city or if you are looking for a romantic place to walk. I went a little later in the afternoon so it wasn’t AS crowded but I’m sure this place can be packed, so during high season I’d recommend to go in the morning before the crowds arrive.



One more view and it was time to enter Mathias Church. I really took my tim in here to look at all the details and take everything in. I love what the atmosphere in churches does to people, it quiets them down all you hear are whispers and prayers.


Budapest, Hungary

As the sun was setting I made my way down the hill again and planned to have dinner in the Great Market.


But as I arrived, it was a bit of a disappointment. It was very much like a market, rather than a place to try different food and upstairs were a lot of stalls which seemed to sell overpriced things (or at least in my opinion overpriced things). So I went in and out within 10 minutes and while looking for a plan B, I realized I was close by the Christmas market so I walked over to the Market (with a de-tour because I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t get lost, thinking I’d get by without a map) and had crazy good Goulash. I finished the day with a bit of present shopping for my loves at home and went to bed for my last night in Budapest, completely exhausted but also completely in awe of this dreamy city.


More soon!



Ps. Have you ever been to Budapest? I feel like I missed out on a lot still so I’m definitely going back some day so tips and tricks are so appreciated!



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