Postcards From | Budapest pt. 1

Postcards From | Budapest pt. 1

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In November last year I had a couple of days off and I wanted to take that chance to explore a new city. I also wanted to tick off something from my bucket list and since I only had a couple of days I booked a ticket it Budapest and left on an adventure by myself again..

I left for the airport after work and got all the butterflies I always get at airports, there’s just so much energy and excitement! The mister was so sweet to come to the airport as well and we had ourselves a little coffee date before it was time to go through security. This was just a couple of days after the Paris attacks and the airport was more crowded with security than I’d ever seen it so I thought it was wise to be early. Which basically meant that I had to wait at the gate for about an hour and a half.. whoops. ahah better safe than sorry right? Plus I got to have sushi for dinner and I managed to do a little blogging so it wasn’t that bad at all. Alright enough blabbing lets go to Budapest:


The first morning I didn’t set an alarm and slept in a bit (it was very much needed) but quickly ventured out to find some coffee. The weather was absolutely dreary but luckily I didn’t have to look for long because just around the corner of the Guest House I was staying in, I found a café that offered typical Hungarian breakfast and it seemed like a great place to tick of the first thing from my Budapest Bucketlist! The coffee was great, the eggs and union/tomato sauce were really tasty too but the rest just wasn’t for me.


Mozsàr Kàve’zó

Where? Mozsàr Street 2
What? Breakfast, brunch, lunch & all your coffee dates.
Price? A little on the more expensive side for Budapest but overall still really affordable!


After fueling up it was time to face the rain and go exploring. I soon bumped into the State Opera House which is a gorgeous building. Unfortunately you can’t of further than the entrance hall so I bought a ticket for the 4pm tour and made my way into the streets again.



It did’t take long to find the next point on my bucket list; Visiting st. Stephen’s Basilica, Budapest’s biggest church.



I spent quite some time in there, people watching, doing some thinking and just taking in all the beauty. I got out to take some pictures and found some lovely strangers who were willing to take a photo (just as a little proof that I was indeed once here, for when I’m all old and grey and me memory needs help). I wanted to make my way to Liberty Square but after a couple of blocks I was already freezing again and in desperate need of something warm and so I walked into tea house:



Demmers Tea House


Where? Nádor utca 20
What? Lots and lots of tea! (and they sell cute tea cups and pots as well, in case you’re looking for a souvenir)
Price? Great catch!


After warming up a little I was determined to walk around Liberty Square, rain or no rain, the colors of the trees were too beautiful not to capture.


I made my way to the Opera house again and paid a little extra to be allowed to take pictures during the tour. I want you guys to know that I’m always honest in my post and will not say that something is worth it if its not in my truest opinion. So that being said, I was a little disappointed by the tour. The building was absolutely beautiful and definitely worth a visit but I felt like the tour did not do it any justice. First of all, adding a fee to make pictures is kind of ridiculous, the tickets weren’t that cheap either so I felt a bit ripped off. Plus the tour was about a half hour long and I felt rushed through the building, while I wanted to see and hear more. I really liked the guid and loved the history and the fun little facts, but if you are thinking about visiting the opera house, I would recommend getting tickets to a show (they are cheaper and you actually get to see a performance) and just read a bunch about the history yourself.


After the tour I was starving, it was dark outside and I was exhausted. I found some take away curry and decided to call it a day and bundled up in bed with some episodes of Friends because I had accidentally left the DVD in my computer. The first day in a new city in a country where you don’t understand the language costs a lot of energy, I secretly wished I had seen more that day but luckily I had a couple of days ahead of me. But more on that in my next post!





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  • Ursula Ball

    Oh, I love your story and pictures of Budapest!! Thanks for the heads up about the “fee” to take pictures at the opera house…what a tourist rip off! Not very “classy” for a opera house :( Love your breakfast platter! :)


    • Yara Miora

      Thanks so much dear!! I know right, I felt ripped off too but I definitely wanted to take pictures, so what is a girl to do? ;) x

  • Chloé Arnold

    Absolutely stunning photos!!! Looks like a gorgeous trip!

    • Yara Miora

      You too sweet Chloé! Thank you so much <3

  • Sally Sargeant Hu

    BEAUTIFUL!!! I always love what your eyes choose to capture in photography. Thank you for sharing!

    • Yara Miora

      Thank you so much sis! Your comments always brighten my mood and lift up my confidence! Can’t wait for our summer adventures, be prepared to see your beautiful face up on this blog a LOT! :) xx