Postcards From | Budapest pt.2

Postcards From | Budapest pt.2


I was determined to make most of my second day in Budapest, especially after a bit slower first day, so I woke up early, headed for breakfast at a place that was on my Budapest Bucketlist and went over my to do list for the day. Of course, nothing went according to plan, but in the best way possible!


I read about this cafe and was struck by its interior and since it was really close to where I was staying it was the perfect place for breakfast. I had a cappuccino and a croissant and even though its on the more expensive side for Budapest standards, it was really good! The cafe is inside a bookstore so from the outside it doesn’t look like there’s something to eat.


Book Cafe


Where? Andrassy ut 39
What? Breakfast, brunch, lunch. Greet place for meetings as its quite big.
Price? Its a bit fancy so its little on the more expensive side for Budapest but normal price range for dutch standards I’d say.



When I was done with breakfast I browsed a little through the bookstore when I stumbled upon two lovely girls from the states who had just arrived in Budapest. We got to talking and they offered me to join them on their day in Budapest. Kind of happy not to have to talk to myself all day I agreed and threw my schedule aside. After they fueled up as well, it was to start exploring the city. They had a bus tour ticket and though I normally don’t like those busses, they were a great way to get a quick scoop of everything when you have a limited amount of time and you want to decide what is worth a visit.

We hopped off and walked around the city (in the freezing cold might I add ;) and at some point we reached this strange little hub of buildings that seemed to come out of a disney movie. There were hardly any people there and we felt like we were on a film set. It was so beautiful, especially with some of the trees still having their autumn foliage. There was supposed to be an iceskating ring here and I had put that on my list of things I wanted to do as well but unfortunately when we got there the ring was filled with water and people were still working on it.



When we couldn’t feel our toes anymore we hopped back on the bus, starving and ready for a heavy lunch. New York Cafe was supposedly one of the most beautiful restaurants in Budapest, and we wanted to give it a try. The cafe/restaurant is in the Boscolo Hotel (which looks beautiful too from what we saw) and the interior is, well, very over the top, not my taste but very impressive. Its very touristic and you’ll see a LOT of travelers there, which I think is also why the food is a bit overpriced if you ask me.


New York Cafe

Where? Erzsebet korut 9-11
What? lunch/dinner
Price? The food isn’t really worth the price, though you get a very decent portion. I think its more about the experience.



After we stuffed ourselves with pastas, we walked around the city a bit more looking for the Christmas Market and this was probably my favorite part of the day. There were a bunch of stalls selling all hand made goods, like scarves, candles, ornament, and of course, a lot of food and mulled wine! We don’t really have Christmas markets where I live and I just loved the atmosphere and the lights. This is a great place to find some souvenirs for your loved ones at home for sure! Here’s some of my favorite things:


Then I made it my mission to finish this HUGE chimney cake (I’m actually not sure how to call it because I just made “chimney cake” up so if you do know, let me know!). It was topped with cinnamon and sugar and SO good. really. but I don’t recommend you try to eat it all.. whoops. Trying to walk off the chimney, we walked along the Danube and crossed the Chain Bridge, which was beautiful! The girls wanted to take a wine tasting cruise and I just joined in on the fun. We met a guy from the south of France, who was traveling by himself so he joined our table. He talked about his life and his bakery and travels and I sat back for a moment taking this whole day in. Here I was, sitting with three strangers from completely different sides of the world, on a boat tasting wine in a new city, sharing stories and feeling right at home. I think that is my favorite part of traveling, how adaptable it makes you and how much you can learn from and enjoy meeting new people. I love it.



And with that it was time to call it a night, and head back to the apartment feeling super satisfied with life.



  • Chloé Arnold

    Holy smokes!!! Could this be any prettier?! Looks like an incredible trip!!

    • Yara Miora

      It really was an incredible trip Chloé! I’m definitely going back someday :) xx

  • Ursula Ball

    Beautiful night pictures of Budapest and I want to try that Chimney cake! :)