Currently I am.. | March ’16

Currently I am.. | March ’16

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Oh my goodness I am so HAPPY that March has finally come around. Where I’m normally freaking out that a whole month has already gone by, this time, I’m fully embracing the arrival of this new month (and not just because its my birthday month, I promise ;). ) So here we go, currently I am..


..excited about;
MY BIRTHDAY! And thats kind of a big deal to me because in the last couple of years, I started developing the tendency to freak out over getting older but not feeling like I matched my age and feeling like time was creeping up on me, you know all that typical 20-something stuff. But not this year my friends, this year I’m embracing the fact that I can add another year of experiences and memories to my life. Am I still a bit nervous about turning 23? Yes. Is that every going to go away? I don’t think so and thats okay. Anyway, I’m celebrating this year in a really special way, thanks to my mom, but I’m keeping it a little secret on here for now.


..even more excited about;
it almost being spring. With longer days, less rain, more green, more flowers, brighter mornings and beautiful sunsets. Oh how I’ve missed spring.


..listening to;
I’m literally sick of my playlists at the moment so if you have any suggestions for music please do feel free to drop a message in the comments section because you might just save my commute to work every morning and I’d be eternally grateful.


The Lonely Planet Guide to Travel Writing by Don George. Yes! So much yes! I’ve only just started and already made a bunch of notes, can’t wait to share more about this. Have any of you read this guide before?


Mangos and sugarsnaps seem to be my go to snack lately. Is it summer yet?


Fresh ginger tea.


A lot of films! But more on that soon. and.. Okay.. don’t laugh but the last couple of days I’ve been watching a ton of Oscars acceptance speeches on youtube. I really don’t know what it is, it just makes me happy and inspired.


The 30-day yoga challenge from Yoga With Adriene and I’m so curious to see how that goes. I’ve been feeling very un-fit and so not flexible/strong lately and yoga seems like a great way to get moving again (especially when I can do it at home without anyone watching at whatever time I want, I love you Youtube).



So that was me, what about you? What are you guys up to? :)





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  • Elizabeth Daisy

    I love that we’re welcoming Spring, roll on warmer days and pretty buds blooming, I’m ready to wave goodbye to dark dreary winter days although I do love my layers! exciting that it’s your birthday this month aswell!

    Elizabeth Daisy xo |

    • Yara Miora

      Oh yes I can’t wait for flowers to pop around the city either, but I totally agree on the layers haha! Though I have to say that spring over here can still be a bit chilly so I won’t be putting my layers away yet ;)

      Thanks so much for ready along! xx

  • Ursula Ball

    Well, sending Birthday wishes to you…I got nervous turning 36 yrs old in February but I am embracing my age and not let a number define me! I am so ready for Spring!


    • Yara Miora

      Thats exactly the spirit Ursula, its all about how you feel right? ;) <3