Postcards From | Lisbon; “off to the castle we go” Pt.1

Postcards From | Lisbon; “off to the castle we go” Pt.1

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Last night I put all the pictures from our four day trip (all 700 of them) on my laptop. I was going through them to start editing the first bunch and its hard to believe we were just there, in the lovely sun, miles and miles away. Thank goodness we have pictures that take us back to memories I want to keep forever. Since we took a LOT of pictures and I couldn’t narrow down the selection that well (oops..) here’s part one of my first time in Portugal..


The first morning welcomed us with sunbeams and weather that was about 15 degrees celsius warmer than we had back at home. I can’t even tell you how excited I was to not having to wear my winter coat and 4 layers of clothes to go outside. In Lisbon we stayed in a room we found through AirBnB in the middle of the city. The first thing on our list was to go up the hill to the São Jorge Castle (but not before coffee, of course!).



Wet hair from the shower and wearing Hollister from top to bottom.. whoopsie, I guess thats what happens to your wardrobe when you work at a store for a almost a year. Also, crisp white all stars? yes please!



It wasn’t long before we found ourselves on a platform looking over the rooftops of Lisbon. Even looking at these pictures almost makes me feel the sun on my skin again.. oh spring we are so ready for you!



Finally up at the Castle grounds the view got even more impressive with in the far distance the beautiful bridge Ponte de 25 Abril which is almost exactly the same as the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fran! Why are rooftops so photogenic? Or is that just me?


This man was so patient with me and the ridiculous amount of pictures and snaps and instagram shots I kept making. He didn’t even sigh or complain once and even offered to take more pictures himself.



These pastel coloured houses, oh man, immediately puts me in holiday mood!

I tried to keep the tile pictures to a minimum I promise. But so many of the houses in Lisbon (and in Porto too btw) are covered in the prettiest patterned tiles, I haven’t seen anything like it before. And they are so unique, I hardly ever saw the same pattern twice!



As I mentioned above the views over this city are so beautiful. I think living in a country that is mostly flat (or even hollow and below sea level) makes you appreciate the smallest hill as if it was a mountain. With the romantic little alleys and coloured houses everywhere it was super easy for us to forget about work and everything at home and be in the moment, even though that is something I tend to struggle with a bit sometimes.

When we were walking back down away from the Castle we noticed big groups of people headed towards the castle grounds and we realized we were lucky with our timing visiting the Caste before the crowds. We were there around 10am so we definitely recommend going there early if you want to walk around the grounds in peace and have space to take pictures (plus climbing up the hill in mid-day heat might be a little tough as well). Since I’m on the tips topic here’s another one; wear comfy shoes! Though I’d say that no matter where you are traveling, Lisbon is built on hills and the streets are mostly steep and cobbled. Which is beautiful and romantic but also a pain in heels I imagine. So yes, definitely bring, non slippery comfy shoes.

After we covered the Castle Grounds we made our way to Lisbon’s Cathedral and it was time for lunch, but more on that in the next post!







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  • Amelie

    Your pictures make me want to go so bad! Lisbon looks like such a beautiful city.

    • Yara Miora

      Thank you so much for the huge compliment Amelie! I hope you get to visit one day! I would love to read all about it on your blog ;) <3

      • Amelie

        I hope to travel through Europe when I finish college (in two years!), so hopefully I’ll get to do it! ;)

  • Ursula Ball

    OMG, if these are only a few pictures out of 700 then I want to see the rest!! Love the city scenes, the architecture and history, and that beautiful peacock!! :)