Postcards From | Lisbon; “eat, eat & eat some more” pt.2

Postcards From | Lisbon; “eat, eat & eat some more” pt.2

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We went into Lisbon’s Cathedral which reminded us a lot of the Notre Dame in Paris from the outside (which I couldn’t get on camera without ugly cars and signs and construction works so you’ll have to Google that). Let me take you inside, oh and as you can guess from the title, show you the amazing food we had this day!

I’m a bit bummed about the quality of the interior shots, I still struggle with dark photos. Will have to work on that.

Look at the color of those tiles.. my goodness can I have a bathroom wall this color one day?


You’ve probably heard of these trams here in Lisbon before and we had “a ride on tram 28” on our Lisbon Bucketlist but in the end we just decided to follow the tracks of some and enjoy the fresh air. They do look like a rollercoaster ride to be honest cause some hills are very steep and I’m quite impressed those things manage to go up and down. Anyway we were a little hungry and started going towards the places on our list (always prepared when it comes to food) but we found out we were too early for most places we picked out to start serving lunch (so dutch, whoops!). We decided to wander around for another half hour at LEAST before we’d eventually still be the first people to have lunch.



Following the instructions from both Yelp and Lonely Planet we went for lunch at Cruzes Credo, a little restaurant right around the corner from the Cathedral. When we walked in we were a little skeptical as no one was inside and the place looked.. well, small and empty. We looked at each other and decided to “risk it” and trust the fellow travelers on the internet. Best. Decision. Ever. I had the clams with lemon, garlic and coriander and a side dish of potatoes and he had some kind of chicken something. I’m completely blanking on the name of the dish but it was so so good! Will have to get back to you on that. Oh and it turned out we both never tried white sangria before, so of course we had to try that, and it was so good! Strong. but so good!



Cruzes Credo 

Where? Cruzes da Sé 29
What? Lunch & dinner. Oh and try the sangria too!
Price? Definitely not the cheapest place to eat in Lisbon but for the quality of food you get its very reasonably priced!


After lunch we walked by the river and stopped to sit down and enjoy the sun a couple of times. Its strange how much better you can feel because of warmth against your skin. I swear thats why I love really warm showers so much, just making up for the lack of sun hours I get.. right? hah.



We walked past Praca do Comércio and took an Uber to Belém, to see the famous monastery, go to a museum and, of course, try the pastries that every single person we came across told us about; Pasteis de Belém.



Our first stop in the area was Mosteiro dos Jerónimos for which entrance was 5 euros for students (and ten for adults so don’t forget your student ID if you have one!). The monastery was founded in 1501, and the building itself has just turned 500 years old. Can you imagine how many people have walked through there during those times? Old buildings, but also mountains for that matter, always get my mind wandering about all the things these places have witnessed and survived. Boy I wish time travel was a thing. Anyway after walking a round or two around the grounds and reading about the history of this place we were starting to get a little hungry again (I know what you’re thinking, already? Yes already ;) hah. We went to the shop where they have been making Pasteis de Belém since 1834 (speaking of time travel!) and as we approached the shop, we got stuck in a line. We waited for a bout 10/15 minutes and what surprised me most was that most people in line weren’t even tourists, they were actually locals and as if our expectations weren’t high enough, that just raised our bar. They are 1.05€ a piece, and we got six. Now I know what you’re thinking, we must be pigs but since we didn’t want to stand in line again and we kept hearing how its impossible to just get one, we though three each was a fair deal. Hello, we’re only here once so we better do it right. Right?

So we took our six pastries, headed down the street to Starbucks for some iced caramel macchiato and wifi (so guilty). The pastries were seriously good, after the first, you’re like, I HAVE to have more. After the second, you’re kinda sad you only have one left but after the third, you’re going to be fully satisfied. So good. I wouldn’t want to eat them anywhere else in the world though, I’d like to keep that taste/texture linked to our trip and knowing you’ve had the best makes me not want to try others (which is funny because since we’re back I’ve actually seen them in a supermarket here at home and was slightly tempted to try them). Okay enough about the pastries, back to business. We had one more stop we wanted to hit on our first day; Museu Coleccão Berardo. Entrance is free so thats always a plus, and the collection of the museum ranges from Dali to Warhol and even a Picasso. Its a fun collection to walk through even if you don’t want to spend too much time inside on your trip, its definitely worth the visit!

We saw the sun go down on the river and our burned noses started getting cold, mine more than his and we made our way home for a little nap before dinner. Unfortunately within an hour of being back inner room, I started feeling awful and we had to call it a night. The mr. got Pho and dumplings from across the street and we played Chicken Boy on his phone till both our eyes got heavy and it was time to recharge for a second day of adventures.









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  • Elle Cherryblossomstreet

    Gorgeous architecture! The food looks yummy too :)
    xx Elle

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    • Yara Miora

      It was amazing Elle! Thanks so much for reading along <3

  • Elizabeth Mayberry

    Oh! What a beautiful place!!! I love it so much! That food looks so delicious too!!!

    • Yara Miora

      Thank you so much Beth!! We really loved it too, we were quite sad we only had a couple of days there! Thanks for being so supportive and creating such a great community. Lots of love,

  • Southern Detour

    This looks like it was such a nice and fun trip! My favorite, those food photos!! YUM! The buildings were beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

    • Yara Miora

      Ah thank you so much it was an amazing trip, short but sweet! <3

  • Ursula Ball

    Love the the amazing architecture and cathedral and driving me crazy with the pastries! Love the seafood & chicken dish at that small restaurant!!