Postcards From | Lisbon “Rooftops & Palmtrees” pt.3

Postcards From | Lisbon “Rooftops & Palmtrees” pt.3

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We woke up several times in the middle of the night by screaming people and glass being picked up and I guess thats just the downside of being in the heart of a city. Regardless of the not so great night we dragged our asses out of bed for the second day in Lisbon which was filled with rooftop views and palm trees all over..

We walked into the city to try out this famous place for its pastries where we tried rice muffin and a sort of croissant which were both good but I made the mistake of ordering a cappuccino, which no one told me is not even a thing here. They actually gave me “powder cappuccino” which tasted like nothing so my morning was a bit rough. Or actually I’m afraid the Mr.’s morning was rough because he had to deal with sleepy/no coffee me. whoops.


We walked over to Convento do Carmo, the ruins of a Gothic church that was struck by an earthquake in 1755, which was one of the things I was most excited about but as it turned out, it was closed that day. Bit of a bummer but we still tried to get some nice shots up there and we had an amazing view over the city again.



We walked back down to the big street which is often compared to the Chaps Elysees. It being Sunday meant that everything was closed of course but there were a lot of little stands with vintage things and hand-made goods. we strolled up and down the street until our stomachs were starting to growl at us. One of the highest ranked places on Yelp was Decadente, which is the restaurant of a hotel, so of course we wanted to try that for lunch. By the time we got there though, we found out they only serve a brunch buffet on Sundays. Now I’m all about brunch and definitely wouldn’t mind a buffet but with our limited time in Portugal we wanted to try as many Portuguese dishes as we could. So we turned around and decided to look for a different place in the very picturesque neighborhood Bairro Alto.


 Cod fish dish, also known as Bacalhau.

Another thing on our list was visiting the Botanical garden. Normally I wouldn’t put that on my list but after visiting the botanical gardens of Amsterdam last year I found that its such a great place to wander around and feel like you’re in a completely different place. Plus this place was packed with palm trees, what says “vacation” more than palm trees?


So tall!

Keep on looking up!


This last picture I just LOVE. Yellow from the lemons in the tree coming back in the chairs. So photogenic, I wish I tried more to capture it better, but this will have to do. Our second day felt a bit like a let down compared to the first day in which we did SO MUCH, but it was a perfect Sunday. Easy pace, lovely weather & thats all you really need sometimes. We headed back to the apartment to pick up our bags because we were taking a car (blabla car to be exact) to Porto. It was our first experience with BlaBla car and it wasn’t the greatest, but I’m not writing off this traveling method yet, maybe we were just a little unlucky.


Anyway next up -> our time in Porto! Can’t wait to share that with you guys :) Have you ever been to Portugal? What was your favorite experience?








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