23rd Birthday in Paris pt. 2

23rd Birthday in Paris pt. 2

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Two days before we left for Paris I bought a new skirt. I even think I saw it on a blog, and went looking for it one afternoon. It reminded me of Audrey Hepburn and when I tried it on for the first time I thought, “yes, this is me, this is me turning 23” so I bought the skirt and called it my birthday skirt. The great thing about having a birthday skirt is that you won’t have to think about what to wear once your birthday comes around and it made packing easier. The not so great thing is that when the weather on your birthday does not suit the idea of wearing your birthday outfit, you’re kind of trapped. So there we were, walking through the Paris, on my birthday, wearing three layers of clothes over my birthday skirt (which got all wrinkled because thats what cotton does when you try to travel with it) just to keep warm. But I was starting this new year of my life in a magical city with the people I love the most and there was no stopping us. I even took off some layers for a second or two to get some pictures.



We walked from the Notre Dame to The Louvre stopping at Shakespeare and Co for coffee and a quick browse through their bookstore. Its one of those places I dream of owning myself one day, because really what is better than books and coffee (and french pastries?). After our little stop we spent the rest of the afternoon soaking up as much art as we could until our feet hurt and stomaches growled, but I’ll share more from that part of the day in a next post!





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