The Times They Are A Changin

The Times They Are A Changin

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I’ll admit that I aaaallmost crowned this post with the title “This is the start of something new”, but Bob Dylan won over Highschool Musical because.. well, I’m trying to adult over here. But the times, they surely are a changin, they’re changing a lot and at lightning speed and I’ve hit the point where I’m not sure of how much of what I’m feeling is excitement and how much is complete and total terrifiedness (is that even a word?). After quitting my job, and traveling for two and a half months I’m about to start a new adventure called “Gradschool” which in combination with a persisting jetlag has been the cause for many late night brainstorm sessions. So I’m doing what I do when I get stressed, I make lists. I have about a dozen of lists of things to do, to buy, to not under any circumstances forget, things I should think about, things I should most definitely not think about, I even almost have a list of things I should make lists about. But here’s the most important list, the list of reasons I’m excited about this new chapter:


  1. Being nerdy about something I’m really interested in with other people that are probably just as nerdy about it.
  2. Meeting new people.
  3. New school year means I get to shop for stationary and notebook and calendars right?
  4. Getting student discounts and time for extracurriculars!
  5. Having a good excuse for new items in my wardrobe.
  6. Moving! – and this might be the most exciting thing on the list, I’m moving to Amsterdam!


I’ve spent a good portion of my free days in Amsterdam last year and the city slowly but surely grew on me and now I can hardly believe I get to call this place home in just a week ( which also means I have one week to pack up my stuff but lets forget about that for now). The city has so much to offer and the thought of the canals  surrounded by autumn colors just makes my heart flutter. I can’t wait to go exploring and look for good coffee places, favorite people-watching-spots and those awfully cute little unique shops where your money just seems to disappear. I’m so excited for it all and I can’t wait to show you guys all over Amsterdam, but before I get to do that I have a TON of adventures from the last months to share over here too. Going through the thousands and thousands of pictures and videos from the US is a lot of fun and so special to relive some moments because I honestly still can’t believe I actually made that trip.

Anyway, more on that soon. But in the mean time, if you have any insight on rocking it in Gradschool, study tips and tricks or music recommendations that get you through study sessions, they are very, very welcome.






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  • Hayley Larue

    Good luck, girl!! <3

    • Yara Miora

      Thank you so much love!