Currently I am.. | January ’17

Currently I am.. | January ’17

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Loveliest people, how are you doing? Holding on to dear life or still rocking your new years resolutions? Its time for a little catch up isn’t it? So here we go, currently I am..


Excited about
..the new year! I love blank slates. I love the feeling of a fresh start even if it makes no sense and logically it is just like any other day. This is the first year in a long while where I have no idea what will be coming on my path and on the one hand it makes me a little restless and the other hand it is the most exciting thing! Bring it on 2017 I’m ready for ya.


Looking for
..a new series to watch. The last “new” thing that I watched were the Gilmore Girls revival episodes and I saw those all on the day they came out (whoops, real fan over here!). Other than that I have been re-watching oldies like Friends, which is awesome but I’ve decided that if I am going to be distracted by Netflix, it has to be for something new. I want to start watching a new series like back in the good old days, one episode a week to minimize time wastefulness and maximize anticipation and excitement. So tell me, what are you guys binging on? I could really use some tips.


Preparing for
..the first internship of this masters program. Am I nervous? Yes I am nervous.


..the yoga revolution by Adriene (Link here!). Its this program of 31 days of free yoga videos to help you connect and recharge and I just love it! I have been loving Adriene’s videos for years now and this program is exactly what I needed. The best part is that you can do it whenever you want, wherever you want, I really can’t recommend her videos enough.


..a book I am really excited about and I am thinking about writing book review posts this year so I can share a bit more but for now I can tell you that its a book by Steph Jagger called Unbound that is coming out on the 24th. The story is quite an adventurous one of a goal chasing lady who decides to quit her job and go skiing around the world for a year. Its making me laugh out loud in the train and giving me all sorts of travel-bugs!


..less wine, more water. December certainly brought on more occasions to pour myself a nice glass of wine (or two) than any other month. And since I am focussing on taking better care of my body this year, a big part of that is hydrating. As promised in my previous post I will bore you with some more serious talk about “resolutions” soon, but while we’re at it, my big bottle of water with cucumber slices is currently not leaving my side!


..every thing thats NOT on the healthy food list. Eating healthy is SO much harder during the winter time for some reason the cold just makes me crave carbs, fat and sugar even more than I normally do. Pastries? Yes please! A whole bag of chips? Already through it. Mini Toblerones? I can have 5 because they are mini right? Uhm I think you get the gist of it haha!


..all the knits I can get my hands on! This girl is always cold, but I am still wishing for some snow this winter so fingers crossed!



So that was me, what about you? What are you guys up to? :)





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  • Jessica Woods

    I do love your resolutions. Have an amazing 2017 girl x

    Jessica — NinetyCo

    • Yara Miora

      Thank you so much for your kind words Jessica I hope your year will be wonderful and adventurous too :) <3