Currently I am.. | February ’17

Currently I am.. | February ’17

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How are we all doing friends? Currently I am..

Thinking about
what to do this summer. I swear, that travel bug does not leave me alone for too long and it feels like I am coming up with plans and places to go to every other second of the day. There are some plans in the making but nothing set in stone and that allows for so much daydreaming doesn’t it?


Sleep deprived
and I honestly have nothing to blame but myself. Note to self; Work on healthy sleep pattern.


Sitting in
a little coffee place just around the corner from where I live trying to knock off some things from my to-do list (like finally writing some posts). I love the idea of working from home but the reality is that being at home is super distracting. There is always some chore to be done and a million ways to get distracted. So as I am typing this I am embracing the sound of the coffee machine which brings me back to my undergrad years of working as a barista and secretly looking over at my neighbor who is designing a very impressive website of some sort (guess I am a little distracted over here too).


in the resolutions department. Its the time of the year in which I have already failed at every single one of the things I was working on. But the good news is that it was to be expected and that you can ALWAYS pick it right back up. Its time for a do-over so here’s to round number two. Am I alone in this, or are you frustrated at your progress so far too? Let me know, I might do a little post on this soon!


Back on
Snapchat. I know pretty much everyone has transitioned over to Instagram stories but the snapchat filters just really crack me up. (handle: yaramiora)


Doing a good job of
Not doing groceries when I am hungry! This is one of the “rules” I really try to live by because it makes a world of difference in what I buy. It makes it so much easier to stick to buying what is on my list without impulse craving purchases. Doesn’t seem like a big thing but we’re all about celebrating baby steps over here on The Twenties Guide ;)


Impressed by
The current movies out there in cinemas. I still have bunch of movies on my to-see list like; Nocturnal Animals, Manchester by the Sea, Jackie, Allied, Demain Tout Commence and more. But I recently saw La La Land and last week I went to Moonlight and though both completely different in every single way, I really liked both.


Excited about
SPRING! okay I know we’re not there yet but the days are getting longer and I am all for it!! But these last two days of snow have been dreamy too. Too bad everything has already turned into gross grey mush :/



So that was me, what about you? What are you guys up to? :)






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